Model Question -1 | English | Class 7 | Question & Answer | Grammar

Model Question -1 || English || Class 7  || Question & Answer || Grammar

Model Question || English || Class 7


Model Question -1

Class VII

Reading Comprehension (Seen)


1. Read the following extract of the text and answer the questions given below:

A week later one of the sons of his old master came and told Velan, “You will have to go back to your village, old fellow. The house is sold to a company. They are not going to have a garden. They are going to build small houses by the score without leaving space even for a blade of grass.”

There was much bustle and activity, much coming and going, and Velan retired to his old hut. When he felt tired he lay down and slept; at other times he went round the garden and stood gazing at his plants. He was given a fortnight’s notice. Every moment of it seemed to him precious. He would have stayed till the last second with his plants. The sound of an axe which stirred him out of his afternoon nap. It was just two days after he was given notice. The dull noise of a blade meeting a tough surface reached his ears. He got up and rushed out. He saw four men hacking the massive trunk of the old margosa ttree. He let out a scream : “Stop that ! He took his staff and rushed at those who were hacking. They easily avoided the blow he aimed. “What is the matter? they asked.

Velan wept. “This is my child. I planned it. I saw it grow. I loved it. Don’t cut it down………”

“But it is the company’s orders. What can we do? We shall be dismissed if we don’t obey, and someone else will do it.”


A. Write (T) for true and (F) for false statements. Provide supporting statements (S.S) in favour of your answers :

(i) The house was sold to a promoter.  F

S. S-> The house is sold to a company.


(ii) Velan loved the margosa tree which the four men were hacking.  T

S.S-> He swa four men hacking the massive trunk of the old margosa tree.


B. Answer the following questions :

(i) What did Velan do at other times?

Ans.> At other time Velan went round the garden and stood gazing at his plants.


(ii) Why did every moment seem precious to Velan?

Ans.> Because, Velan was given a fortnight’s notice to go back to his own house leaving the house and the garden.


(iii) What interrupted Velan’s afternoon nap?

Ans.> The sound of an axe interrupted Velan’s afternoon nap.


(iv) Why did Velan forvid the men to cut the tree?

Ans.> Because, Velan planted the tree himself and brought the trees up like his children.

C. Complete the following table with information from the text :



(i) Velan saw four men cutting the margosa tree.

He let out a scream and forbid the men to cut the tree down.

(ii) If the four men disobey the company’s order.

The four men would be dismissed.


D. Find synonyms of the following words from the text:

(i) Yell : Scream

(ii) Expelled : Dismissed


2. Read the poem carefully and answer the questions given below :

Let the blow fall soon or late,

Let what will be o’er me;

Give tge face of earth around

And the road before me.

Wealth I seek not, hope nor love,

Nor a friend to know me;

All I seek, the heaven above

And the road below me.


A. Complete the following sentences with information from the poem :

(i) The vagabond wants the blow to fall soon or late.

(ii) Give the face of earth around him.

E. Answer the following questions :


(i) Name the poem and the poet?

Ans.> The name of the poem is ‘The vagabond’  and the name of the poet is ‘Robert Louis Stevenson’.


(ii) What are the things that the vagabond does not wish to have in his life?

Ans.> The vagabond does not wish to have hope or love or a friend in his life.


(iii) What does the vagabond want in his life?

Ans.> The vagabond wants the heaven and the road in his life.


Reading Comprehension (Unseen)


3. Read the following passage carefully :

No one can study of Biology exactly began. The positive man lived in jungles and caves. They collected food from  natural vegetation and hunted wild animals. Through these activities, they learnt about the life habits habits of different animals and recognized various plants and their parts. That was the beginning of Biology. Drawing of animals and plants in the caves of prehistoric period are proofs of primitive man’s interest in the plants and animals around them.


A. Answer the following questions :


(i) Where did the primitive man live?

Ans.> The premitive men lived in jungles and caves.


(ii) On what did they depend for food?

Ans.> They depended for on natural vegetation and wild animals.


(iii) Where are the drawings of prehistoric period found?

Ans.> The drawings of prehistoric period found in the caves.

B. Write (T) for true and (F) for false statements.


(i) The primitive man had no interest in plants and animal. F

(ii) Prehistoric people knew how to draw.  T


C. Fill in the blanks with appropriate words from the above passage :


(i) I have no interest in indoor games.

(ii) The police keeps a watch on his activities.

(iii) Ornithology is the study of birds.


D. Find out the antonyms of the following words from the above passage :


(i) Modern :  Primitive

(ii) Artificial : Natural




4. Do as directed :


(i) I speak the truth. I am not afraid of it. (Join using an infinitive)

Ans.> I am not afraid to speak the truth.


(ii) He was surprised when he heard the result of the match. (Rewrite the sentence using an infinitive)

Ans.> He was surprised to hear the result of the match.


5. Chose the correct participle adjectives to fill in the blanks :


(i) The film was so  depressing  (depressed / depressing)! There was no happy ending for any of the characters.

(ii) All this information is making me  confused (confusing / confused).

(iii) The journey was exhausting (exhausted / exhausting). Twelve hours by bus!

(iv) I thought her idea was absolutely exhausting (fascinating / fascinated).

6. Fill in the blanks with possessive pronouns or possessive adjectives :

(i) It is easy to lose  one’s  temper when one is criticized.

(ii) They never invite us to their parties.

(iii) I have lost my keys.

(iv) The cat is in a good mood. It just had it’s breakfast.


7. Use proper suffixes or prefixes or both with th words given in the brackets to fill in the blanks :

(i) Some people enjoy  risky  (risk) sports.

(ii) Let us look at the information again. We should  review (view) it before printing.

(iii) I just cannot believe it ! The story is unbelievable  (believe).

(iii) Some TV shows are totally unsuited (suit) for children. They must not watch them.


8. Change the voice of the following sentences :

(i) Who wrote ‘Gitanjali’?

Ans.> By whom ‘Gitanjali’ was written?


(ii) Why are you given a rude reply?

Ans.> Why does he give you a rude reply?


(iii) We shall build more rooms.

Ans.> More rooms will be built by us.


(iv) Do not waste time.

Ans.> Let time not be wasted.


9. Fill in the blanks with proper form of the verbs :

I employed (employ) a new servant named Hari. He was quite obedient and hard working. But sometimes, he behaved (behave) very strangely. Last evening, I was alone, I heard (hear) his cries and ran towards him. He at once stopped (stop) crying. He had not been actually crying, he pretended (pretend). I scolded (scold) him for his strange behaviour.  

10. Change the mode of narration of the following sentences :

(i) Mother said to her son,”Go to your study room immediately.”

Ans.> Mother ordered her son to go his study room immediately.


(ii) I said to my father,”Let us go to a hill station.”

Ans.> I proposed my father that we should go to a hill station.


(iii) Roma said to her mother,”Let me cook today.”

Ans.> Roma told her mother that she would be allowed to cook that day.


(iv) He said to me,”When did you return from school.”

Ans.> He asked me When i had returned from school.


(v) The teacher said to the boy,”Will you complete your lesson quickly?”

Ans.> The teacher asked the boy if he would complete his lesson quickly.


(vi) The boy said to the teacher,”I was ill yesterday.”

Ans.> The boy told the teacher that he was ill the previous day.


11. Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles and preposition :

Once upon a time there was a  boy who dreamed of making great buildings. He made friends with a blind man whose ambition of life was to design a church. One evening the blind man told his young friend about his concept of a perfect cathedral. The boy took out his sketchbook and began to draw according to the specifications dedicated by the blind man.

12. Fill in the blanks with appropriate moral auxiliary verbs :

(i) My grandmother is 85, but she can still read and write without glasses.

(ii) I must not have done this if I did not have to.

(iii) She can speak six languages.

(iv) Let us go for a walk. Shouldn’t we?




13. Write a paragraph within 80 words on ‘Early Rising’ :


Early Rising

Early rising is a good habit. An early-riser can enjoy the beauty of nature and the freshness of morning air. The morning air refreshes our body and mind. So we can pass the day cheerfully. An early-riser finds enough time to do his daily duties and activities. He can finish a large part of his work before other men leave their beds. Some work can be better done during the early hours of the day. The early-riser also finds time to do morning-walk to keep him fit. All the saintly men in the world are early-risers.

14. Write a letter to your friend accepting the invitation for attending the marriage ceremony of his / her elder sister :

                                                                                                                                                                       25 Park Circus                                                                  Kolkata                                                                                            2nd January, 2021


My dear Ela,

Thank you very much for your invitation. Your sister is getting married and it is really a very good news. I respect and love her as my own sister. So, it is my great pleasure to join your sister,s marriage. I heartily accept your invitation. I will go to your house a day or two before the marriage ceremony.

Yours ever,



Name and Address on

The Envelop


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