Comprehension Exercises | Tales of Bhola Grandpa | Manoj Das | Class 9 | Grammar | প্রশ্ন ও উত্তর

Tales of Bhola Grandpa | Manoj Das | Textual Question and Answer | Grammar | প্রশ্ন ও উত্তর

Tales of Bhola Grandpa by Manoj Das

Tales of Bhola Grandpa by Manoj Das

Textual questions:


Exercise 1


Tick the correct answer from the given alternatives:


1. In the bokal tree there lived

(a) crows

(b) monkeys

(c) tigers

(d) sparrows


2. On the way back from the festival, Bhola Grandpa tightly held on to the two fingers of his

(a) son

(b) cousin

(c) grandson

(d) nephew


3. Agang of pirates were burying a

(a) large box (b) small box

(c) large bag

(d) small bag


4. Bhola Grandpa was returning from the

(a) yearly market

(b) monthly market

(c) daily market

(d) weekly market


5. Bhola Grandpa died at the age of

(a) eighty-five

(b) ninety-five

(c) fifty-five

(d) seventy-five


Exercise 2

Answer the following questions within fifteen words:


(a) When did Bhola Grandpa let out a loud wail?

Ans. Bhola Grandpa  suddenly realised that his grandson was not with him and he had lost him.

(b) Where had the grandson found a cosy shelter?

Ans.  The grandson of Bhola Grandpa took a cosy shelter under a cow's belly.

(c) What request did Bhola Grandpa make to the first man he saw on the mound?

Ans.  Bhola Grandpa requested the first man he saw to give him some water to drink.

(d) How old was Bhola Grandpa's wife when he died?

Ans. Bhola Grandpa's wife was eighty years old when he died.


Exercise 3


Answer the following questions within twenty-five words:

(a) Why was no real treasure found under the sand dunes?

Ans. Because it was all a dream of that Bhola Grandpa saw during his midday nap.

(b) What did the tiger do after Bhola Grandpa had climbed up the banyan tree?

Ans. The tiger roared loudly and circled the banyan tree for about a hundred times and it settled down under a bush.


(c) What was the reason of Bhola Grandpa's death according to his wife?

Ans. According to Bhola Grandpa's wife, the old Bhola Grandpa must have forgotten to breathe.



Grammar in Use:


Exercise 4

Change the mode of narration of the following sentences:


(a) Bulbuli said to his friend, “Will you come tomorrow?"

Ans.> Bulbuli asked his friend if she would go the next day.

(b) Paulami says,” I am fine."

Ans.> Paulami says that she is fine.

(c) The teacher said to the students, “Keep quiet.”

Ans.> The teacher told the students to keep quiet.

(d) My mother said to me, “May your dreams come true.”

Ans.> My mother wished me that my dreams might come true.

(e) The students said,” Sir, please allow us to play in the field.”

Ans.> The students requested their Sir that they might be allowed to play in the field.



Exercise 6

Write a dialogue within 100 words on the need to ban the use of animals like tigers and lions as circus attractions:

Hints: wild animals decreasing, ill treatment to animals in circuses-criminal offence-laws against such-need to be humane to animals


Here is a dialogue on the need to ban the animals in circus:


Sudip: Santu! How are you ? Where are you coming from ?


Santu: Hallo Sudip! I am coming from a circus show?


Sudip: Oh, That’s great! How enjoyable the show was?


Santu:  Yes, it’s really amazing. But one thing hurts me.


Sudip: Really, What’s that?


Santu:  The animals like tigers and lions that are in cage. Even they are tortured to jump through fire.


Sudip:  You are absolutely right. It is very painful! They are fallen victims to the ruthless torture, negligence, and malnutrition.


Santu: They show their tricks with life risk.


Sudip: There are many laws to protect wild animals. But the corrupt circus owners do not want to obey aything.


Santu: The government should be strict to maintain law and order in this matter.


Sudip: I think so! And at the same time, public voice should be raised against the nexus.


Santu: Absolutely! Oh, I am going to attend a tuition class!


Sudip: Ok! See you!


Santu: Ok! Bye!


 Exercise 7


Write a story within 100 words using the given hints. Give a title to the story:

Hints: returning from educational excursion by bus-night journey-sudden breakdown-tyres punctured-had to wait for two hours at a lonely place-tyres fixed-back home



A Horrible Bus Journey

An excursion to Hajarduari in Murshidabad was organized by our school last Sunday. It was a one-day tour. We started our journey from our school ground at about 5 in the morning by bus.  We all students and teachers walked around there all the day. When the sun sets at about 6.30 in the afternoon, we decided to come back. When evening came down, we started our back journey to come to our place.  Suddenly, the driver of our bus realized that one of the tyres of our bus was punctured. I occurred at the mid of darkness in our way. We got down and kept on shivering in fear. We had to wait for two hours at a lonely place. The puncture took two hours to be fixed and we restart our journey to home. Anyway, we reached homes safe at day-break. It was a horrible experience for us.

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