Comprehension Exercises | Summer Friends | Mary Lamb | Class 8 | Grammar | প্রশ্ন ও উত্তর

 Summer Friends | Mary Lamb | Textual Question and Answer | Grammar | প্রশ্ন ও উত্তর

Summer Friends by Mary Lamb

Summer Friends by Mary Lamb



Textual Questions:


Activity 1


Tick the correct alternative:


(i) The swallow comes to the poet in

(a) spring

(b) summer √

(c) winter


(ii) Many young friends follow the behaviour of the

(a) sparrow

(b) pigeon

(c) swallow √


(iii) The sparrow accompanies the poet in times of

(a) snow and frost √

(b) rain and thunder

(c) sunshine and warmth


(iv) The poet wants a friend who will be like

(a) swallow

(b) sparrow √

(c) nightingale


Activity 2


Complete the following sentences with information from the text:

(a) The swallow chirps for weeks together when the weather is fine and warm.

(b) In a cold day the swallow flies away.

(c) Even when old friends are separated, their hearts never become narrow.

(d) The poet wishes for a bird that will sign in frost and love in sorrow.


Activity 3


Answer the following question :


Why do you think the swallow leaves the poet during the winter season?

Ans.> The Swallow is a summer bird. It cannot endure the biting cold of the winter season. So, the swallow leaves the poet during the winter season.


Activity 4


Fill in the following chart with information from the text:



Does what


(i) The swallow

chirping his notes

in fine and warm weather

(ii) The sparrow

clings closer to man

in dreary days of snow and frost

(iii) Old friends

never narrow their hearts

even after their separation

(iv) A true friend of the poet

greets him

the poet had mischance



Activity 5


Answer the following questions:


(a) What does the swallow do in summer?

Ans.> In summer the swallow chirps his notes for weeks together.


(b) How is the behaviour of a "gay young friend" similar to that of the swallow?

Ans.> As a swallow flies away in winter, a "gay young friend" leaves us in our misfortune.

(c) What type of a friend does the poet want?

Ans.> The poet wants a friend like the sparrow who never leaves him even in his misfortune.


(d) Whom does the poet like-the swallow or the sparrow? Give reasons for your answer.

Ans.> The poet likes the sparrow. Because unlike the swallow, the sparrow never leaves the poet even in the cold wintry weather.



Activity 6(a)


Read the following sentences. Identify Noun clauses, Adjective clauses and Adverb clauses and fill in the chart given below:


(i) I expect that I shall get a prize.


(ii) The umbrella which has a yellow handle is mine.


(iii) When I was younger I used to fly kites.


(iv) I remember the house where I was born.


Noun clauses

Adjective clause

Adverb clause

I shall get a prize

which has a yellow handle is mine

When I was younger



where I was born










Activity 6(b)


Change the following sentences into indirect speech:


(i) The sailor said to us, "There will be a storm".

Ans.> The sailor told us that there would be a storm.


(ii) The teacher said to the student, "Did you come to school yesterday?"

Ans.> The teacher asked the student if he had come to school the previous day.


(iii) The tired guest said to the host, "Please give me a glass of cold water."

Ans.> The tired guest requested the host to give him a glass of cold water.


(iv) Rita said, "How happy I am!"

Ans.> Rita exclaimed that she was very happy.


(v) My grandfather said, “May you live long!"

Ans.> My grandfather wished that I might live long.



Activity 7


Make meaningful sentences of your own with the following words:


(a) guest : He was the guest of honour.


(b) dreary : The song was dreary.


(c) narrow : The road was too narrow for cars to pass.


(d) mischance : A series of mischance happened.


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