My Own True Family | Ted Hughes | Very Important Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQ) | Class X Madhyamic Exam West Bengal

Very Important Practice Questions on My Own True Family by Ted Hughes || Practise these Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQ). Do an excellent result in the Madhyamic Examination.


My Own True Family by Ted Hughes

 My Own True Family || Ted Hughes || class - X


Do Practice these  Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQ) yourself. You will definitely get an excellent result.


1. The name of the poet of ‘My Own True Family’ is

... Ans. D ) Ted Hughes

2. Once the child went inside

... Ans. C ) an oakwood

3.The child was looking for

... Ans. B ) a stag

4. The woman whom the child met was

... Ans. C ) old

5. The clothes that the woman was wearing were

... Ans. A ) torn

6. The woman told that she had the child’s ________ in her little bag.

... Ans. B ) secret

7. The word ‘cackle is related to

... Ans. A ) shouting

8. The child came to see that he was surrounded by a tribe who were

... Ans. B ) staring

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9. The child found himself tied to a

... Ans. D ) a stake

10. The oak-trees introduced themselves to the child as

... Ans. B ) the members of his family

11. Oak-trees are chopped ________ and torn ________.

... Ans. C ) down, up

12. ‘You do not blink an eye’, by this, the trees mean

... Ans. C ) human beings are indifferent

13. Unless the child made a promise then, he would

... Ans. A ) die

14. If the child saw one tree felled, he should plant

... Ans. C ) two trees

15. the bark of the oak-tree is

... Ans. B ) black

16. Unless the child takes care of the trees, the oak bark will …’ is a

... Ans. B ) wrinkle over him

17. Oak-trees are the child’s true family but the child never ________ among them.

... Ans. C ) grew

18. The poem ‘My Own True Family’ has

... Ans. C ) five stanzas

19. Each stanza in the ‘My Own True Family’ has

... Ans. A ) three lines

20. The theme of the poem ‘My Own True Family’ is

... Ans. B ) importance of trees

21. Creeping in an oakwood, the poet was looking for a

... Ans. C ) stag

22. When the poet came out of the oakwood, his heart was that of a

... Ans. B ) tree

23.The poet met an old woman in the

... Ans. B ) oakwood

24. The old woman had the secret of the

... Ans. A ) poet

25. The old woman's bag was

... Ans. D ) little

26. The poet found himself surrounded by

... Ans. A ) a staring tribe

27. The poet was tied to a

... Ans. D ) stake

28. Unless he made a promise, the poet was going to

... Ans. C ) die

29. The bark of the Oaktree is

... Ans. A ) black

30. The poet came back to

... Ans. C ) human company

31. A visit to the oakwood brought to / in the poet

... Ans. D ) alteration

32.The experience of the poet in the midst of an oak-tree was a part of his

... Ans. C ) reverie

33. The poet crept inside of

... Ans. C ) an oakwood

34. The woman was

... Ans. A ) old

35. The bag that the woman carried was

... Ans. D ) little

36. When the Oaktree is chopped down, People

... Ans. C ) do not blink an eye

37. Whenever an Oak tree is felled , the poet should promise to plant

... Ans. B ) two trees

38. After coming out of the Oakwood the poet returned to

... Ans. B ) human company

39. While looking for a deer ,the poet me

... Ans. C ) an old woman

40. As the woman began to cackle the poet began to

... Ans. D ) quake

41."We are chopped down" - here 'we' refers to

... Ans. A ) the oak family

42. The Oak trees wanted the poet to make a

... Ans. B ) promise

Do Practice these  Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQ) yourself. You will definitely score an excellent result.

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