Comprehension Exercises | Mowgli Among the Wolves | Rudyard Kipling | Class 7 | Textual Question and Answer | Grammar | প্রশ্ন ও উত্তর

 Mowgli Among the Wolves | Rudyard Kipling | Textual Question and Answer | Grammar | প্রশ্ন ও উত্তর


Mowgli among the Wolves





Let's do:


Activity 1


Choose the correct answer from the given alternatives:


(a) Father Wolf woke up at–

(i) six o'clock

(ii) seven o'clock 

(iii) eight o'clock.


(b) Tabaqui was the name of a–

(i) jackal

(ii) wolf

(iii) tiger.


(c) On that night the tiger had hunted a–

(i) man 

(ii) bullock

(iii) buck



Activity 2


Identify which of the following statements are True and which are False. Give a supporting statement for each of your answers.


(a) Father Wolf woke up early in the morning. F

S.S>> It was seven o'clock of a very warm evening in the Seeonee hills. Father Wolf woke up from his day's rest.


(b) Indian wolves do not like jackals for their mischievous nature. T

S.S>> The wolves of India despise Tabaqui.


(c) Tabaqui did not find any food at the wolves' den. T

S.S>> where he found the bone of a buck with some meat on it.


(d) The wolf family was not at all pleased to hear the compliments. F

S.S>> It pleased him to see Mother and Father Wolf look uncomfortable.


(e) Sher Khan lived in the forest area twenty miles away from the wolves. T

S.S>> Sher Khan was the tiger who lived near the Waingunga River, twenty miles away. 



Activity 3


Answer the following questions by referring to the text:


(a) How did Father Wolf come out of sleepiness?

 Ans. Father Wolf scratched himself, yawned, and spread out his paws one after the other to get rid of the sleepy feeling in their tips.


(b) Why are the animals scared of the jackal?

 Ans. The animals are afraid of the jackal Tabaqui, because more than anyone else in the jungle is apt to go mad.


(c) What was the law of the jungle”?

Ans. By the Law of the Jungle the tiger has no right to change his quarters without due warning.


(d) Why was Father Wolf angry on hearing the loud roar of the tiger?

Ans. The tiger will frighten all game within ten miles.




Activity 5



Complete the following chart with information from the text:




The tiger jumped into the camp fire.

He has burnt his feet.

Sher Khan's great square head and shoulders were thrust into the entrance.

Moonlight was blocked at the mouth of the cave.

Mother Wolf would fight to the death.

Sher Khan backed out of the cave mouth, growling.



Activity 6


Complete the followings sentences:


(a) Father Wolf heard Sher Khan was muttering and mumbling savagely as he tumbled about in the scrub.


(b) Sher Khan was unable to face the challenge of Mother Wolf because she had all the advantage of the ground, and would fight to death. 


(c) The voice of Bagheera was as soft as wild honey dripping from a tree.


(d) When the man-cub will grow up he may make better sport and be a help in time. 


Activity 7


Answer the following questions by referring to the text:


(a) Whaat was the ‘most wonderful thing jn the world’?

 Ans.> A “man’s cub” is the most wonderful thing in the world.


(b) Describe the ‘brown baby’ as he came to the wolves’ den?

 Ans.>  The ‘brown baby’ could just walk. He looked up into Father Wolf’s face, and laughed.


(c) Where were the parents of the ‘man cub’?

Ans.  The parents of the ‘man cub’ had run off.


(d) Why did Sher Khan come to the den of the wolves?

Ans. Sher Khan came to the den of the wolves in search of a man’s cub.


(e) Who was Akela? Give a description of Akela?

 Ans.  Akela is a great grey lone wolf. He led all the pack by strength and cunning. He lay out at full length on his rock.


(f) Why do you think Akela wanted the ‘man cub’ to be the wolf family?

Ans. Because, Akela considers men and their cubs are very wise and he thinks that they may be a help in time.



Activity 8


The following statements summarize the story of Mowgli. But they are not in order. Rearrange the statements. Put the number in the brackets?


(a) Mowgli was included in the wolf family. (6)

(b)  Father Wolf was surprised to find a little boy in front of there den. (1) 

(c) Bagheera also supported the demand of the father Wolf. (5)

(d) Sher Khan came to the den to hunt the boy. (2)

(e) Ballo gave his support to the wolf family. (4)

(f) Father Wolf and Mather Wolf refused to part with the boy. (3)



Activity 9


Read unit I and unit II and identify the words used in the text whose meanings are given below:


(a) Baby of wolves >> cub pup

(b)  doorway >> entrance

(c) desire to hurt >>  

(d) speaking in a way that is difficult to here >> muttering


Activity 11


Underline the Present Perfect tense in the following sentences:


(a) They have worked sunset.

(b)  He has gone to sleep.

(c) The actor has received the award.

(d) Sher Khan and Tabaqui have been unsuccessful.

(e) Ballo has supported the wolves.


Activity 12


Make sentences with the following words using the Present Perfect tense of the verb forms:


(a) finish >> He has finished the tsk.

(b)  hear >> I have heard the news.

(c) lead >> The captain has led the army.

(d) take >> He has taken the pen.

(e) come >> He has already come.

(f)  show >> He has showed me the book.

(g) shine >> He has shined in life.



Activity 13


Make sentences with the  the Past Perfect tense of the verb forms:


(a) run >> The thief had run away.

(b) begin >> He had begun the race.

(c)  call >>  He had called.

(d) watch >> He had watched the game.

(e) play >> He had played the game.

(f) drop >> He had dropped the ball.

(g) burn >> He had burnt the newspaper.



Activity 14


Chose the correct option of the given verb forms:


(a) The jackal found a bone to eat as the wolves [eats / had eaten / have eaten] every thing.

(b) Father Wolf [wake / have woken / had woken] up at seven in the evening.

(c)  Bagheera and Ballo [had supported / support / has supported] the demand of the Wolf family.

(d) I [have finished / finishes / finish] my task well before the scheduled time.

(e) Mary Kom [win / have won / had won] a Bronze medal in the London Olympics.


Activity 15


Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verbs given in brackets:


Mowgli’s parents ran  [run]  away leaving the little baby. Sher Khan  came [come]  to the wolves in search of Mowgli. The wolves wanted  [want] to rear up Mowgli. Bagheera and Baloo supported  [support] the demand of the wolves. Finally, Akela agreed.


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