Comprehension Exercises | The Echoing Green | William Blake | Class 7 | Textual Question and Answer | Grammar | প্রশ্ন ও উত্তর

 The Echoing Green | William Blake | Textual Question and Answer | Grammar | প্রশ্ন ও উত্তর


The Echoing Green





Lets' do:


Activity 1


Put a tick mark to choose the correct word/expression from the given alternatives:


(a) The sun makes the sky

(i) sad

(ii) happy

(iii) excited


(b) The merry bells welcome the

(i) spring 

(ii) autumn

(iii) winter


(c) Old John has

(i) black hair

(ii) brown hair

(iii) white hair


(d) The old men are sitting under

(i) a tree 

(ii) an umbrella

(iii) a canopy


(e) In the evening the children come to the laps of their

(iv) mother

(v) father

(vi) aunt



Activity 2


Complete the following sentences with information from the poem:


(a) The birds of the bush sing to the bells' cheerful sound.

(b) Old John sits among the old folk.

(c) The sport of the children reminds the old men of their youth-time.

(d) The children are tired when their sports have an end.

(e) In the evening the sports of the children have an end.




Activity 3


Answer the following questions:


(a) Which are the two birds mentioned in the poem?

Ans. The two birds mentioned in the poem are skylark and thrush.


(b) Who is sitting under the oak?

Ans. Old John is sitting under the oak.


(c) Pick out an expression from the poem to show that the old men are happy to see the children playing.

Ans. The expression is “They laugh at our play”.


(d) What do the children do when evening descends?

Ans. When evening descends, the children go round to the laps of their mother.


Activity 4


Use can, could, should, would and might to fill in the blanks :


(a) Could I use your phone?

(b) She might be in her bedroom.

(c) The programme should be finished by now.

(d) She would spend hours in the library.

(e) He can run fast.



Activity 7 (a)


Fill in the blanks with the words given below: 


therefore, here, carefully, fluently, tomorrow


1. He crossed the road carefully.

2. My uncle will arrive tomorrow.

3. Wait here for sometimes.

4. She speaks fluently.

5. He is therefore unhappy.



Activity 7(b)


Some more words are given below. Fill in the blanks choosing appropriate words from these. Note that some extra words are given.


completely, happily, quite, closely, partly, rather, deeply


(1) Her words are partly true.

(2) The man is completely ruined.

(3) The old man walks, rather slowly.

(4) He was deeply moved by the incident.

(5) The girl is quite lovable.


Activity 8


There are two blanks in each sentence. There are some words given in the list of words. Use the same word to fill both blanks of a sentence.

friendly, early, fast


(a) Though he is an early riser, he never starts early for the station.


(b) He likes fast cars, but he never drives fast. 


(c) Though he has a friendly smile, he doesn't always behave in a friendly manner.


Activity 9


Fill in the blanks with words from the given list of words:


loud, cheerful, joy, weary, lap


(a) She made the announcement in a very cheerful manner

(b) The champion team was overwhelmed with joy.

(c) A mother's lap is the best shelter in the world.

(d) He spoke in a loud voice so that everyone could hear him.

(e) The man looked weary at the end of the day. 


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