The Cat | Andrew Barton Paterson | Very Important Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQ) | Class X Madhyamik Exam West Bengal

Very Important Practice Questions on The Cat by Andrew Barton Paterson || Practise these Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQ). Do an excellent result in the Madhyamik Examination.



 The Cat || Andrew Barton Paterson 


Do Practice these  Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQ) yourself. You will definitely get an excellent result.





1. The cat saunters down his won-

... Ans. C ) Back yard

2. The Cat skips to the roof of an empty-

... Ans. B ) shed

3. Here the movement of the cat is compared to a-

... Ans. D ) panther

4. The cat roams about the house -

... Ans. D ) all day long

5. Here the author highlight a cat's -

... Ans. B ) intelligence

6. To idle the time away a cat -

... Ans. C ) watches a mouse-hole

7. The true nature of cat is revealed-

... Ans. C ) in the evening

8. The cat sometimes passes the time away by watching a-

... Ans. B ) mouse-hole

9. In the daytime the cat mostly remains-

... Ans. D ) in the house

10. A cat is a fighter with

... Ans. A ) ferocity

11. In the story the cat is compared with a -

... Ans. C ) human being

12. One can see the cat as he really is in the-

... Ans. D ) evening

13. After becoming raked the real intention of, the guest is to-

... Ans. B ) kick it out

14. The cat is civil to the-

... Ans. D ) guest

15. The cat scratches the guest with his-

... Ans. B ) claw

16. The cat cares little for anything but mice and -

... Ans. D ) milk

17. Most people think that the cat is -

... Ans. b ) unintelligent

18. The time when the shades of evening fall' is usually called-

... Ans. b ) dusk

19. The cat rubs himself against the legs of the family number & noisily-

... Ans. A ) purrs

20. With tears of rage & pain in his eyes, guest affect to be very much-

... Ans. A ) amused

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21. The guest hands down the cat a bit of-

... Ans. B ) fish

22. The cat expects from the guest-

... Ans. A ) the best things offered to him

23. While stroking the cat, the guest-

... Ans. A ) stoops down

24. Word similar in meaning to the word ‘civil ‘is-

... Ans. B ) polite

25. Stopping down the guest-

... Ans. A ) strokes the cat

26. Having been fondled by the guest for some time, the cat gets-

... Ans. D ) tired

27. The cat; act of raking. The guest in the leg has been considered by the family as an act of-

... Ans. D ) sweetness and intelligence

28. The guest fancied to retaliate by-

... Ans. B ) kicking the cat

29. The Cat makes his entry when the table is set-

... Ans. C ) tea

30. The cat is aware that the guest would-

... Ans. B ) be offered something special

31. The cat is impatient about the guest’s-

... Ans. C ) attention

32. The cat accepts the bit of fish-

... Ans. C ) carefully/cautiously

33. The cat moves to a safe distance from-

... Ans. C ) the boot of the guest

34. At the cat’s behavior, the family is-

... Ans. B ) delighted

35. The Cat rakes the guest in his-

... Ans. A ) leg

36. From top of the shed the cat gives a call to his-

... Ans. B ) kindred

37. In the evening, outside the house the cat be comes-

... Ans. B ) fighter

38. When the family moves to some other plane, the cat-

... Ans. D ) remains in the same place

39. The cat rakes his claws through the-

... Ans. B ) soft bark of the old roof

40. As the cats get older, they go in for sport to-

... Ans. C ) the suburban backyard

41. In his usual habitat a cat knows every-

... Ans. A ) landmark

42. The cat goes out of the rooms-

... Ans. B ) after the tea

43. Being afraid of enemies the cat moves-

... Ans. D ) noiselessly

44. Cats indulge them selves in sports when they grow-

... Ans. C ) older

45. If a cat moves to a new location, he will have to learn-

... Ans. B ) a new geography

46. According to the narrator, King Arthur’s Knights were not so-

... Ans. A ) courageous as a cat

47.The cat gets much more out of his life then-

... Ans. C ) human being

48. The privilege of boarding that cat will be given-

... Ans. D ) by the cat to the new tenants

49. The cat stretches himself to see it-

... Ans. A ) he is fit enough for further adventure

50. The cats come outside their happy shelter and become-

... Ans. A ) meek creatures

51. The exciting hunting grounds of cats seem to us –

... Ans. B ) grim

52. The suburban backyards are used by the cat as-

... Ans. A ) playground

53. Cats have great liking for-

... Ans. A ) their home

54. The Cat prefers to attach himself to the-

... Ans. B ) new tenants in old house

55. King Arthur’s Knights are compared to-

... Ans. B ) brave cats

56. The cat droops his hade to his-

... Ans. A ) paws

57. After finishing tea family gathers around the-

... Ans. C ) fire

58. The movement of the cat is-

... Ans. D ) lithe and panther like

59. The old root is made of-

... Ans. A ) bark

60. The cat sends across a cell to-

... Ans. A ) his relatives

61. They enjoy adventure-

... Ans. C ) in the backyard

62. When the family leaves, the cat-

... Ans. C ) stays with the new tenants

Do Practice these  Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQ) yourself. You will definitely score an excellent result.

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