Model Activity Tasks | Second Language (English) | CLASS 9 | Part Two | 2021 | PDF | Question & Answer

 Model Activity Tasks || Second Language (English) || Class 9 || 2021 || PDF || Question & Answer

Model Activity Tasks | Second Language (English) | CLASS 9 | Part Two | 2021 | PDF | Question & Answer

Part II

Question Paper

Model Activity Tasks | Second Language (English) | CLASS 9 | Part Two | 2021 | PDF | Question & Answer

Answer Paper ::



CLASS – IX (Second Language)




Read the passage and answer the questions that follow:


I remember another funny incident about Bhola Grandpa related by my father. It had been a rainy afternoon. Bhola Grandpa, wild with excitement, told my father and his friends that he had seen a gang of pirates. They were burying a large box under one of the sand dunes on the seashore by our village. At once father and his friends started looking for the hidden treasure. Evening passed on to night. Moonlight came in through the clouds. A pack of jackals were howling. It was past midnight. At this point of time, Bhola Grandpa confessed that there was no real treasure. It was all a dream which he had during his midday nap.


Activity 1


Write the correct answers from the given alternatives in the given space :


(i)The funny incident about Bhola Grandpa was related by the narrator’s 

a) mother  b) aunt  √√c) father d) sister


(ii)The afternoon was 

a) sunny   √√b) rainy  c)  cold d)  snowy

(iii) The pirates were burying a large box under the 

a) fields b) valley  c)  foothills  √√d) sand dune


Activity 2


Change the following sentences into Passive Voice:

(i) He saw a tiger.

Ans.> A tiger was seen by him .


(ii) Close the door.

Ans.> Let the door be opened.

(iii) I gave the baby a doll.

Ans.> The baby was given a doll by me


Activity 3


Write a paragraph in about 100 words on ‘Online Classes’ using the following points:

introduction – necessity – advantages – disadvantages – conclusion

 Online Classes

Online teaching and learning process is a demand and also a major requirement  of the education system now a days especially in these days of Covid-19 pandemic situation. Due to Covid-19 pandemic all the schools are closed after having been forced to close. In this situation all type of schools are chosen to perform online classes to continue the teaching learning system. Using this method, students can perform their tasks any time without the need to go to the school. Online education is done by using laptops, tablets or other such devices that they can utilize. To prevent the corona disease it is necessary to maintain self distance. So, in this pandemic situation all the schools are taken class through online system. Though online classes are not common in our country but in the current situation, online classes are having a positive enough impact on students to continue their studies. 

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Do Practice this Story, Questions, and Answers yourself. You will definitely score an excellent result.

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