Model Activity Tasks | English | CLASS 10 | September | 2021 | PDF | Question & Answer

  Model Activity Tasks || Second Language (English) || Class 10 || 2021 || PDF || Question & Answer

Model Activity Tasks | English | CLASS 10 | September | 2021 | PDF | Question & Answer
Question Paper
Model Activity Tasks | English | CLASS 10 | September | 2021 | PDF | Question & Answer

Answer Paper



ENGLISH (Second Language)


Activity 1

Replace the underlined words with suitable phrasal verbs from the given list. Change the form of verbs if necessary. Write the answers in the given space: One extra phrasal verb is given in the list :


(i) My older brother is in search of a job.

Ans.> looking for

(ii) I cannot tolerate his audacity.

Ans.> put up with

(iii) The Headmistress distributed books among the students.

Ans.> gave away 

[List of Phrasal verbs: give away, tum down, look for, put up with ]


Activity 2

Join the following pairs of sentences :

(a) Study attentively. You will not score high marks.

Ans.> If you do not study attentively, you will not score high marks.

(b) She saw a butterfly. She tried to catch it.

Ans.> She tried to catch a butterfly that he saw.


(c) She won a prize. I know it.

Ans.> I know that she won a prize.

(d) He is my brother. He is wearing a blue shirt.

Ans.> He is my brother who is wearing a blue shirt.


Activity 3

Suppose you are the Cultural Secretary of the Students' Club of your school. Write a notice in about  100 words informing the students about an Online Debate Competition for the students of Classes IX and X of your school.

Date: 15.10.2021


(Online Debate Competition)

It is notified for information to all students from class IX to X that an Online Debate Competition on the following subject will be held on Tuesday, the 24th of November, 2021 at 2.00 pm on the Google Meet online platform. The students who are willing to participate are requested to submit their names and required particulars on the Website of our school from 1st November to 20th November. Only the Bengali language is allowed as a medium of speech in this debate. The Subject of this debate will be announced soon.


Countersigned by

The Headmaster

Sd/- Dhrubajyoti Das


Cultural Committee,

S.D High School

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