The Eyes Have It | Ruskin Bond | Part 1 | Very Important Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQ) | Class 12

 Very Important Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQ) on The Eyes Have It by Ruskin Bond


The Eyes Have It

Ruskin Bond 

15 Very Important Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQ) on The Eyes Have It by Ruskin BondTick () the correct answer from the given alternatives : 

1. The story 'The Eyes Have It' is written by

(A) Khusbawant Singh

(B) Ruskin Bond 

(C) Rabindranath Tagore

(D) James Bond


2. 'The Eyes Have It' is a/an

(A) autograph 

(B) short story 

(C) novel

(D) essay


3. The journey in 'The Eyes Have It' took place in the month of

(A) September

(B) October 

(C) March

(D) November


4. The girl in the story 'The Eyes Have It' wished to visit the

(A) hills in Dehra

(B) tourist spots of Mussorie

(C) hills of Mussorie 

(D) Saharanpur hills

5. The narrator was unable to tell

(A) where the girl was going

(B) who will receive the girl

(C) how to girl looked 

(D) who his companion was


6. "I had the train compartment to myself up to Rohana" -- here 'I' means

(A) myself

(B) the girl

(C) the narrator 

(D) the co-passenger


7. The narrator had the compartment to himself up to

(A) Saharanpur

(B) Dehradun

(C) Rohana 

(D) Mussoorie


8. The couple who saw the girl off at the station was probably her

(A) relatives

(B) colleagues

(C) parents 

(D) friends

9. The girl's parents were very anxious about her

(A) safety

(B) comfort 

(C) blindness

(D) aunt

10. The woman gave the girl detailed instruction as to 

(A) where to sit

(B) where to stand

(C) where to keep her things 

(D) how to behave with the fellow passengers


11. At that time the narrator was

(A) completely blind 

(B) partially blind

(C) night blind

(D) colour blind

12. The eyes of the narrator were sensitive to

(A) light

(B) darkness

(C) only light and darkness 

(D) neither light nor darkness

13. What is the narrator's very first clue about his fellow traveller in the train?

(A) He knows that she wears slippers, from the way they slap against her heels 

(B) He knows that she has light eyes and golden hair

(C) He knows that she has a radiant smile

(D) He knows that she wears glasses 


14. The narrator liked

(A) the sound of the girl's voice

(B) the sound of the slippers

(C) both, the voice of the girl and the sound of the slippers 

(D) her eyes only


15. The narrator first discovered that the girl

(A) had one slipper

(B) had a sweet voice 

(C) had a pretty face

(D) had beautiful eyes


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Do Practice these  Questions and Answer yourself. You will definitely score an excellent result.

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