Write a paragraph (within 100 words) on ‘Perils of Plastic and Polymer’ using the following points:

Write a paragraph on  ‘Perils of Plastic and Polymer’ using the following points:

Perils of Plastic and Polymer

Points:: widespread use polymer and plastic ---- reasons for their use ---- how they affect the atmosphere ----- remedy

Perils of Plastic and Polymer

Now-a-days plastic and polymer goods have flooded the market. There are many reasons in favour of the use of these goods. They are easily portable, handy, and durable. Naturally, they are used on a large scale to serve various purposes for packaging. Wire and cable, pipes, toys, combs, etc. are mostly made from plastic. Again, polymer plastic polymer is highly used in making electronic parts toys, wares, medical instruments, etc. All types of traders like hawkers, petty vendors, fishmongers, and sweetmeat seller supply their goods in plastic carry bags. But polymer and plastic adversely affect the environment. Firstly, they are non-biodegradable. They are never decomposed. The wastes accumulate on land and lessen its fertility. They pollute water and thereby endanger aquatic animals. The plastic chokes the drains and destroys the sewage system. These things are to be banned immediately. Mass awareness is a must in this regard.

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# portable সহজে বহনযোগ্য এমন

# instrument - যন্ত্র

# fertility - উর্বরতা

# endanger - বিপন্ন করা

# non-biodegradable জৈব অবস্থায় অপরিবর্তনীয়

never decompose কখনো পচে না

# sewage system - ময়লা নিষ্কাশনের ব্যবস্থা


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