Notice on 'Keep Your School Clean'

 Notice on 'Keep Your School Clean'

Notice on 'Keep Your School Clean'

Notice on 'Keep Your School Clean' :

Suppose you are the captain of your school. Write a notice (in about 80 words) for the students of your school requesting them to participate in a programme entitled 'Keep Your School Clean'. You may use the following points. [Reasons for organising such a programme - date and time - cleaning materials to be used - methods to be applied for the success of the programme]


Banagram High School 


Sub: Keep Your School Clean

August 10, 2022 

The students of our school are hereby informed that we are going to organise a 'Keep Your School Clean' programme in our school on 5 June from 11 am. We will sweep the rooms and wash those with phenyl water. We know that we must make our surroundings clean to keep ourselves healthy. The monitor of each section should bring a broom and bucket from their house and phenyl will be supplied by the school. The monitor of each class should guide the students of his section to take part in the cleaning operation. Each student must take part in the programme.




Md. Nisharul Islam


Banagram High School

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