Write a paragraph (within 100 words) on ‘Winter in West Bengal’ using the following points:

 Write a paragraph on  ‘Winter in West Bengal’ using the following points:

paragraph on  ‘Winter in West Bengal’

Write a paragraph on  ‘Winter in West Bengal’ using the following points:

 Points: Introduction - time of visit - duration-features of the season - weather – sights - fruits and flowers - any disadvantage – conclusion 

Winter in West Bengal

Winter is an enjoyable season in West Bengal. It appears here after late autumn. It lasts for a couple of months. Late autumn heralds the arrival of winter. Dew gathers on the blades of the grass. Fog and mist darken the morning. This ready platform sets in winter. The north wind starts blowing. The bright sun appears and makes the earth transparent. The fog gets dissolved. People come out of their houses. Children love warm sunshine. The old let the warmth get into their bones. The climate is both bracing and invigorating. Winter is the season of outings. People go out for a change. Students arrange picnics. During this season many fairs and festivals come. People enjoy them to their heart's content. Fresh vegetables and fruits fill the basket of winter. However, the poor and the street dwellers can't procure warm clothes. They are to suffer the string of winter. Still, winter is welcome by the people of Bengal.


• lasts
=> স্থায়ী করা

bracing => চাঙ্গা করে এমন

heralds => সূচনা করে

• invigorating => প্রাণবস্তুকারী, তেজবর্ধক জলবায়ু

• arrival => আগমন

outing => ভ্রমণ

• blades => ভগাগুলো

basket => ঝুড়ি

• darken => অন্ধকার করে

• procure => যোগাড় করা

• transparent => স্বচ্ছ

• sting => তীব্র কামড়

• dissolved => গলে গিয়েছে এমন

bones => হাড়গুলো


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