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12 Extra Question on Father's Help

Father's Help

R.K Narayan

Answer the Questions :

1. What excuse does Swami make to his mother about not going to school?

Ans. Swami’s excuse to his mother was that he had a headache.

2. What is the mother’s response to Swami’s condition?

Ans. The mother generously suggests that Swami might stay at home.


3. What excuse does Swami make to his father about going late to class?

Ans. Swami told his father that if he goes late in school, the teacher will scold him.


4. According to Swami, what does Samuel do the children?

Ans. Samuel is a very angry man. He is especially angry with boys who come in late. Sometimes he scolds the children.


5. After the father hears about Samuel, what does he do for Swami?

Ans. Samuel's father writes a letter to the headmaster and asks Swami to deliver it to him.


6. How does Swami feel about Samuel as he is going to school?

Ans. While going to school, Swami feels guilty what he said about Samuel.


7. What does Swami decide to do in school that day? Why?

Ans. Swami decides to deliver the letter to the headmaster at the end of the day. He thinks that there was a chance Samuel might do something during the course of the day to justify the letter.


8. What does Samuel say about Swami’s lateness?

Ans. Samuel did not scold Swami at all and allows him to enter into the class. 


11. What happens when Swami goes to the headmaster to give father’s letter to him?

Ans. Swami comes to know that the headmaster had gone on a week's leave.


12. Who is the assistant headmaster?

Ans. Samuel is the assistant headmaster.


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