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Do As Directed Class 10  Discussion Explanation Analysis Textual Bengali Translation Questions Answer
Do As Directed

Change the following sentences as directed:

1. Having finished their lunch, they made for the meeting place. (Complex)

Ans. After they have finished their lunch, they made for the meeting place.


2. During my stay there I was quite well. (Complex)

Ans. As long as I stayed there, I was quite well.


3. It seemed impossible that he could escape. (Simple)

Ans. His escape seemed impossible.


4. Only those boys who will work hard will succeed. (Simple)

Ans. Only hardworking boys will succeed.


5. I am so tired that I cannot walk. (Simple)

Ans. I am too tired to walk.


6. Taking pity on the beggar the child gave him a coin. (Compound)

Ans. The child took pity on the beggar and gave him a coin.


7. In the absence of the teacher, the students make noise. (Complex)

Ans. When the teacher is absent, the students make noise.


8. He was poor, but he was honest. (Complex)

Ans. Though he was poor, he was honest.


9. He was ill, so he could not be present. (Complex)

Ans. As he was ill, he could not be present.


10. Although my father was poor, he gave me the best possible education. (Compound)

Ans. My father was poor, still he gave me the best possible education.


11. If you do not surrender your arms immediately, you will be shot dead. (Compound)

Ans. Surrender your arms immediately, or you will be shot dead.


12. It began to rain before we reached the house. (Negative)

Ans. It began to rain not earlier than we reached the house.


13. The boy does not smoke now. (Affirmative)

Ans. The boy has given up smoking.


14. I am not stronger than he. (Affirmative)

Ans. I am as strong as he.


15. I shall always remember you. (Negative)

Ans. I shall never forget you.


16. He tried every method. (Negative)

Ans. He left no method untried.


17. I was not sure that it was you. (Affirmative)

Ans. It was doubtful whether it was you.


18. The load is too heavy to lift. (Negative)

Ans. The load is so heavy that none can lift it.


19. As soon as the teacher came, the students stood up. (Negative)

Ans. No sooner had the teacher come than the students stood up.


20. We received the Minister respectfully. (Use noun form of 'respectfully)

Ans. We received the Minister with respect.


21. I decided this myself. (use noun form of 'decided')

Ans. I took this decision myself.


22. He is very wise. (Use noun form of 'wise')

Ans. He possesses much wisdom.


23. Death is better than dishonour. (Use verb form of 'dishonour')

Ans. It is better to die than to be dishonoured.


24. Apparently it is a good proposal, (Use verb form of apparently')

Ans. It appears to be a good proposal.


25. They differ from each other. (Use noun form of "differ')

Ans. There is a difference between them.


26. The student gave a correct answer to the question. (Use "answer' as a verb)

Ans. The student answered the question correctly.


27. What is he? (Make it Affirmative)

Ans. Let us know about his profession.


28. Nobody is free from sin. (Make it Interrogative)

Ans. Who is free from sin?


29. You want to give the toy to someone. (Make it Interrogative)

Ans. Whom do you want to give the toy?


30. How nice is it to see you again? (Make it Assertive)

Ans. It is so nice to see you again.


31. I want to know the reason of your coming late in the class. (Make it Interrogative)

Ans. Why do you come late in the class?


32. Wherein lies his strength? (Make it Assertive)

Ans. I like to know the source of his strength.


33. How beautiful is the night! (Make it Assertive)

Ans. The night is very beautiful.


34. What a nice thing it is! (Make it Assertive)

Ans. It is a very nice thing.


35. I saw a bear, I ran away. (Join using a participle)

Ans. Seeing a bear, I ran away.


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