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Degree Change Grammar Class 10  Discussion Explanation Analysis Textual Bengali Translation Questions Answer
Degree Change

Change the Degree of the following sentences as directed:

1. He is as tall as Sujata. (Comparative)

Ans. Sujata is not taller than he.


2. Silver is not so precious as gold. (Comparative)

Ans. Gold is more precious than silver.


3. He is more intelligent than you. (Positive)

Ans. You are not so intelligent as he.


4. Kalidas is greater than any other poet of modern India. (Superlative)

Ans. Kalidas is the greatest poet of modern India.


5. The sun is the biggest planet. (Positive, Comparative)

Ans. No other planet is so big as the sun. The sun is bigger than any other planet.


6. Very few poets in the world are as great as Rabindranath. (Comparative, Superlative)

Ans. Rabindranath is greater than most other poets in the world.

Ans. Rabindranath is one of the greatest poets in the world.


7. He is one of the best boys in the class. (Positive, Comparative)

Ans. Very few boys in the class are as good as he. 

Ans. He is better than most other boys in the class.


8. She is the most beautiful girl in the locality. (Positive, Comparative)

Ans. No other girl in the locality is as beautiful as she. 

Ans. She is more beautiful than any other girl in the locality.


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