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Appropriate forms of Verbs

Fill in the blanks with Appropriate forms of Verbs:

1. Some days  after the funeral, a special train took (was taking/had taken/took) Gandhiji's ashes to Allahabad. The compartment was (was decked/decked/was decking) with flowers. People on the train sang (were singing/sang/had sung) Bhajans. 


2. He now stood defeated (defeat/ defeats/ defeated), his cries, suppressed into sobs. Then he ran (run/ran/runs) again, this time to a temple to which people seemed to be crowding. Every little inch of space here was congested (is congested/ was congested/ are congested) with men, but he ran through people's legs.


3. There was (is/are/was) a rain-water pond behind our house in Dehradun. It was grandfather who first showed (show/showed/shows)  me the pond-world. We chose a dry place in the shade of the old peepul tree and sat for an hour gazing (gaze/gazes/gazing) steadily at the green layer of dirt floating on the water.


4. Rabindranath used to sit (sit/sat/sitting) by the window. He observed (observed/has observed/ had been observing) nature from the window of his room. His writings were influenced (influenced/had been influenced/were influenced) largely by the environment around.


5. Food keeps (keep/keeps/kept) us alive and gives (give/gives/gave) us health. But it does (do/does/did) a lot of harm if we eat more than we need.


6. Google began (began/begins/beginning) in January 1996 as a research project by Larry Page and Sergey Brin when they were (are/have/ were) both Ph.D. students at Stanford University in Stanford, California. The domain name for Google was registered (registered/is registered/was registered) on September 15, 1997.


7. Surprisingly, Salim Ali had (have/has/had) no university degree. Although he joined (join/joins/ joined) college, his intense dislike for mathematics did not allow him to continue his studies. He left (leave/leaves/left) for Burma to help his brother in his farm.

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