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Joining Part 2

Join the following sentences:

1. You do not take care of your health. You may fall ill. (Single Sentence)

Ans. You may fall ill because you do not take care of your health.


2. We had a kite. It was covered with lovely red paper. (Complex Sentence)

Ans. We had a kite which was covered with lovely red paper.


3. My grandfather lives in a big house. The house is by the river. (Complex Sentence)

Ans. My grandfather lives in a big house which is by the river.

4. He entered the school gate. An idea occurred to him. (Complex Sentence)

Ans. When he entered the school gate, an idea occurred to him.


5. The sun sets. The birds fly back to their nests. (Complex Sentence)

Ans. When the sun sets, the birds fly back to their nests.


6. The people were stunned. They could not speak in the beginning. (Simple Sentences)

Ans. The people were too stunned to speak in the beginning.


7. I shall fall. I fear so. (Simple Sentences)

Ans. I fear that I shall fall.


8. The sparrow saw me. It flew away. (Simple Sentences)

Ans. Seeing me the sparrow flew away.


9. There is a man hiding in Raina's bedroom. He was a Swiss. Raina's notice was drawn. (Simple Sentences)

Ans. Raina's notice was drawn on a swiss man who was hiding in her bedroom.


10. The man sells vegetables. In this way, he earns his living. (Simple Sentences)

Ans. The man sells vegetables to earns his living.


11. Thousands watched the procession. They watched silently. (Simple Sentence.)

Ans. Thousands silently watched the procession.


12. He is sincere. He is clever. (Compound Sentence)

Ans. He is sincere and clever.


13. The rain stopped. We started our games. (Joining use 'no sooner')

Ans. No sooner had the rain stopped than we started our games.


14. I was filled with sadness. I was numb with shock. (Cumulative Conjunction)

Ans. I was not only filled with sadness but also numb with shock.


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