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Narration Change

Change the mode of Narration of the following sentences:

1. Samar says, "I have bought a pen."

Ans. Samar says that he has bought a pen.


2. She said to me, "How happy you are!"

Ans. He told me that I was very happy.


3. He said, "I have come."

Ans. He said that he had gone.


4. He said, "What a sight!"

Ans. He exclaimed in joy that it was a beautiful sight.


5. He said, 'Honesty is the best policy.'

Ans. He said that honesty is the best policy.


6. He said, "We are happy here."

Ans. He said that they were happy there.


7. He said to you, "May God bless you."

Ans. He prayed that God might bless you.


8. Father said to me, "Will you not go to school?"

Ans. Father asked me if I would not go to school.


9. He said to me, "Have you bought the project book?"

Ans. He asked me if I had bought the project book.


10. He said to her, "What are you doing?"

Ans. He asked her what she was doing.


11. Mother said to me, "Where did he go?"

Ans. Mother asked me where he had gone.


12. He said, "Let us play."

Ans. He proposed that we should play.


13. The police said to him, "Obey the traffic rules."

Ans. The police ordered him to obey the traffic rules.


14. I said to him, "Please give me some money."

Ans. I requested him to kindly give me some money.


15. Parijat said, "Let us visit the Book Fair."

Ans. Parijat suggested that they should visit the book fair.


16. He said to me, "Do not go there."

Ans. He told me not to go there.


17. He says, "I shall not attend the class."

Ans. He says that he will not attend the class.


18. He said, "Did you see the mad man."

Ans. He asked if he had seen the mad man.


19. He said, "Let me come in."

Ans. He requested that he might be allowed to go in.


20. She said, "Alas! I have lost my sight."

Ans. She cried out in sorrow that she had lost his sight.


21. She said to her mother, "Let me help her."

Ans. She requested her mother that she might be allowed to help her.


22. He said, "The Earth moves round the Sun."

Ans. He said that the earth moves round the sun.


23. The boy said, "Had I the wings of a bird!"

Ans. The boy wished that he might have the wings of a bird.


24. She said, "Good-bye, my friends!"

Ans. She bade her friends good-bye.


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