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Voice Change Grammar Class 10 Discussion Explanation Analysis Textual Bengali Translation Questions Answer
Voice Change

Change the Voice of the following sentences:

1. Open the door.

Ans. Let the door be opened.


2. Please do not smoke.

Ans. You are requested not to smoke.


3. Respect your superiors.

Ans. Your superiors should be respected.


4. Love all men.

Ans. All men should be loved.


5. She does not read the novel.

Ans. The novel is not read by her.


6. The woman looks after the child.

Ans. The child is looked after by the woman.


7. His behaviour astonished me.

Ans. I was astonished at his behaviour.


8. Tears filled her eyes.

Ans. Her eyes were filled with tears.


9. The drama interested us.

Ans. We were interested in the drama.


10. The lady killed herself.

Ans. The lady was killed by herself.


11. Somebody has stolen my purse.

Ans. My purse has been stolen.


12. A picture is drawn by him.

Ans. He draws a picture.


13. A bag is being taken by him.

Ans. He is taking a bag.


14. The glass jar has been broken by me.

Ans. I have broken the glass jar.


15. The room was being cleaned by her.

Ans. She was cleaning the room.


16. The boy had been scolded by you.

Ans. You had scolded the boy.


17. The lame man was laughed at by the boy.

Ans. The boy laughed at the lame man.


18. The prize was won by the boy.

Ans. The boy won the prize.


19. The match may be won by you.

Ans. You may win the match.


20. We were charmed at your manner.

Ans. Your manner charmed us.


21. The stage was flooded with the light.

Ans. The light flooded the stage.


22. The man is known to me.

Ans. I know the man.


23. The lady was interested in the book.

Ans. The book interested the lady.


24. He was made president by them.

Ans. They made him president.


25. Do you read the book?

Ans. Is the book read by you?.


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