Model Activity Tasks | Second Language (English) | Class 8 | Part Three | 2020 | PDF | Question & Answer

Model Activity Tasks || Second Language (English) ||Class 8 || 2020 || PDF || Question & Answer

Part III

Question Paper

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Answer Paper:

Activity Task

Class 8


The Infinitive

Q1) Point out the verbs which are finite and which are non-finite in the following sentences:

a) My mother cooks (finite) food for the family.

b) Se attended (finite) three meetings.

c) My friend wants (finite) to go to Agra to visit (non-finite) the Taj Mahal.

d) The hunter killed (finite) the tiger.

e) He refused (finite) to obey (non-finite) the orders.

f) To err (non-finite) is human.

Q2) Fill in the blanks using a suitable verb with Infinitives. A list of verbs is given below:

[play, take, hear, swim, enjoy]

a) I am sorry to hear this.

b) Everybody wishes to enjoy life.

c) She knows how to swim.

d) He likes to play cards.

e) The doctor advised him to take rest.


Q3) Join the pair of sentences using Infinitives.

a) He went to Amritsar. He wanted to visit the Golden Temple.

Ans. He went to Amritsar to want to visit the Golden Temple.

b) Everyone should do his duty. India expects this of every man.

Ans. India expects this of every man to do his duty.

c) I speak the truth. I am not afraid of it.

Ans. I am not afraid to speak the truth.

d) He has three children. He must provide for them.

Ans. He has three children to provide for them.

e) Every football team has a captain. He directs the other players.

Ans. Every football team has a captain to direct the other players.

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