Model Activity Tasks | Second Language (English) | Class 9 | Part Three | 2020 | PDF | Question & Answer

 Model Activity Tasks || Second Language (English) || Class 9 || 2020 || PDF || Question & Answer

Part III

Question Paper

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Answer Paper:



ENGLISH (2nd Language)


1. Read the text carefully and answer the questions that follow:

The children were eager to see the sun. They had been on Venus all their lives. They had been only two years old when the sun last came out. They had long since forgotten the colour and the heat of how it really was. They played in the echoing tunnels of the underground city and sang of summer and the sun.

The rain stopped.


A. Complete the following sentences with information from the text:

i) The children had been only two years old when the sun last came out.

ii) When the sun last came out the children had been on Venus.

iii) The children had forgotten the - colour and the heat.


2. Fill in the blanks by choosing the correct alternative given in brackets:

When he saw (see/saw/seen) a star shooting (shoot/shoots/shooting) across the sky, he breathed (breathed/breathing/breathe) a prayer. 

3. Write a letter to the Manager of a courier service in about 100 words, enquiring about the delivery of a precious parcel to your home.



The Manager,

ABC Courier,

Raiganj, West Bengal


Subject - Enquiry about the delivery of a parcel


I beg to state that I sent a parcel through your courier service to Kolkata on 12 August 2020. But the parcel has not yet been reached at the destination. The order number of the parcel is 123456789. I checked to track details online but I did not find out the updated position of the Parcel. I have visited the courier outlet where the Parcel received several times but did not get any satisfactory answer.

So, therefore, I would like to request you once again to take necessary action in this regard.

N.B.  I have attached the booking receipt with this letter.

Thanking You


Yours faithfully,

Jacklin Sah

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