My Own True Family Class 10 Do As Directed Textual Grammar

Textual Grammar Class 10  Discussion Explanation Analysis Textual Bengali Translation Questions Answer
My Own True Family Texual Grammar

My Own True Family

Ted Hughes

Do as Directed:

1. I met an old man there. (Change the voice)

= An old man was met there by me.

2. She opened up her little bag and I came twice awake. (Use as soon as/ Use No sooner……..than)

= No sooner had she opened up her little bag than I came twice awake. 

3. I was looking for a stag. (Change the voice)

= A stag was being looked for by me.


4. We are chopped down. (Change the voice)

= Something chops us down.


5. She said, “I have your secret here inside my little bag” (Change the speech)

= She said that she had my secret there inside her little bag.


6. I was surrounded by a staring tribe. (Complex)

= I was surrounded by a  tribe who were staring.


7. She began to cackle and I began to quake. (Complex)

= When she began to cackle, I began to quake. 


8. They said, “We are the oak trees and your true family” (Change the speech)

= They said that they are the oak trees and my true family.


9. Unless you make a promise, you are going to die. (Complex, Negative/ Compound)

= If you don't make a promise, you are going to die. 

= Either you make a promise or you are going to die. 


10. We are torn up. (Voice)

= Something tears us up.


11. You see an oak tree felled. Swear now you will plant two. (Complex)

= When you see an felled oak tree, swear now you will plant two. 


12. You do not blink an eye. (Interrogative)

= Do you blink an eye?


13. The dream altered me. (Voice)

= I was altered by the dream.


14. This was my dream. I had a dream beneath the boughs. (Simple/ Complex)

=  I had my dream beneath the boughs.                                      

= This was my dream that I had beneath the boughs.  


15. My walk was the walk of a human child but my heart was a tree. (Complex)

= Though my walk was the walk of a human child, my heart was a tree. 


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