Sea Fever Multiple Choice Question Answer MCQ Class10

Very Important Practice from Sea Fever by John Masefield:  Practise these Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQ). Do an excellent result in the Madhyamic Examination. 

Sea Fever || John Masefield || class - X || 


Do Practice these  Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQ) yourself. You will definitely get an excellent result.


1. The poet needs a star to –

(a) guide him

(b) give him light

(c) look at

(d) none of these



2. The poet wants to lead a life at sea like -

(a) the gulls and whales

(b) the penguins and sharks

(c) the pelicans and dolphins

(d) none of these



3. The poet wants to go to the seas for –

(a) the first time

(b) the second time

(c) again and again

(d) the last time 

4. The call of the running tide is –

(a) can be easily denied

(b) cannot be denied

(c) is not at all attractive

(d) is most discouraging



5. The poet asks for -

(a) a fishing net

(b) a big boat

(c) a tall ship

(d) none of these



6. The poet wants to see the grey mist on the sea’s –

(a) face

(b) hands

(c) head

(d) eyes



7. The poet longs for a/an –

(a) a boat

(b) tall ship

(c) canoe

(d) yatch



8. The poet must go down to the –

(a) roads

(b) seas

(c) oceans

(d) rivers



9. The ship that the poet wants to travel on should be– 

(a) high

(b) short

(c) long

(d) tall



10. By ‘Wheel’s kick’ the poet wants to mean –

(a) the wheel doesn’t work

(b) he kicks the wheel

(c) beginning of the voyage

(d) end of the voyage



11. The white sail is shaking because –

(a) it’s weak

(b) it’s strong

(c) it’s breezy

(d) it’s windy



12. The colour of the dawn that breaks is –

(a) white

(b) yellow

(c) grey

(d) ash



13. The poet cannot –

(a) reject the call

(b) decline the call

(c) deny the call

(d) accept the call



14. The day when the poet sets out on his voyage should-

(a) windy

(b) breezy

(c) stormy

(d) cloudy



15. When the poet sets out on his voyage –

(a) sea-hawks should be crying

(b) sea-gulls should be crying

(c) sea-whales should be crying

(d) sea-wind should be crying



16.The poet longs for a –

(a) quiet life

(b) stable life

(c) gypsy life

(d) lazy life



17. In the poem ‘Sea Fever’, wind has been compared to a –

(a) knife

(b) blade

(c) razor

(d) spade



18. A ‘yarn’ is a tale of –

(a) kings

(b) fairies

(c) an adventure

(d) laughter



19. The poet wants a tale to be told by –

(a) a gypsy

(b) a captain

(c) his friend

(d) a sailor



20. The poet wants to sleep –

(a) before the journey

(b) at the end of the journey

(c) during the journey

(d) none of these



21. The poet wishes to be guided by –

(a) a friend

(b) the captain

(c) fellow-sailor

(d) a star



22. While going down to the sea, the poet wants to see –

(a) water particles flying by

(b) various kinds of sea-birds

(c) strong wind

(d) scattered water particles and foam and froth



23. “...the long trick’s over” – here ‘trick’ refers to-

(a) swimming

(b) rowing

(c) journey

(d) game



24. The poet wants to go to the sea which is –

(a) Lovely

(b) lonely

(c) wavy

(d) calm



25. The poet asks for a sail the colour of which would be –

(a) blue

(b) grey

(c) black

(d) white



26. The title of the poem ‘Sea Fever means -

(a) flu fever

(b) the poet’s deep wish to be at sea

(c) the poet s fear of the sea

d) none of these



27. While going down to the sea, the poet wants to hear the crying of –

(a) swallow

(b) sea-gulls

(c) eagles

(d) seals



28. To the poet the call of the sea is –

(a) wild and clear

(b) wild and indistinct

(c) clear and may be denied

(d) wild and may be denied



29. The poet wants to feel the –

(a) water’s kick

(b) anchor’s kick

(c) wheel’s kick

(d) whale’kick



30. The poet wants a windy day with –

(a) black clouds in the sky

(b) bright sky

(c) white clouds

(d) blue sky



31. The poet wants to hear from a fellow sailor-

(a) a merry story

(b) a ghost story

(c) stories from Arabian Nights

(d) stories from Treasure Island



32. After the long voyage the poet wants to enjoy –

(a) quite sleep

(b) a rich drink

(c) in a night club

(d) under the starry sky



33. The poet must go down to the seas for the call of the –

(a) white cloud

(b) sea wind

(c) running tide

(d) the sea-gull



34. The poet asks for a –

(a) sunny day

(b) windy day

(c) cloudy day

(d) stormy day 



35. The wind on the sea is life a whetted –

(a) sword

(b) axe

(c) knife

(d) spear



36. The call of the running tide is-

(a) wild and clear

(b) loud

(c) soft and clear

(d) direct



37. The poet could not deny the call of the –

(a) tide

(b) sea-gulls

(c) ship

(d) sky



38. The poet begins with ‘I’. here ‘I’ refers to –

(a) the poet

(b) the nomad

(c) the sailor

(d) the boatman



39. The poet asks for –

(a) a merry yarn

(b) a boat

(c) a friend

(d) a guide



40. The bird mentioned in the poem is –

(a) crow

(b) windy

(c) shale

(d) sea-gull



41. For his voyage, the poet asks for—

(a) a tall ship and a star

(b) a small boat and some friends

(c) a speed boat and a tree

(d) a big boat and a sea-gull 



42. On the eve of the sea-voyage, the poet feels—

(a) frightened

(b) excited

(c) nervous

(d) normal



43. “...and a grey dawn breaking”—here dawn is grey because it is—

(a) cloudy

(b) misty

(c) sunny

(d) bright



44. A gypsy leads a—

(a) stable life

(b) wandering life

(c) calculated life

(d) aimless life



45. The poet wants his fellow-rover to be—

(a) tricky

(b) cheerful

(c) quiet

(d) sweet



46. The word ‘yarn’ means –

(a) vagabond

(b) weather

(c) poem

(d) tale



47. The sea will be full of –

(a) sparrows

(b) cuckoos

(c) sea-gulls

(d) crows



48. ‘wheel’s kick’ indicates –

(a) a smooth movement

(b) a sudden movement

(c) a continuous movement

(d) the stopping at the ship



49. The poet mentions the ways of two creatures. They are –

(a) the tiger and the lion

(b) the sea-gull ad the whale

(c) the fish and the oyster

(d) the dolphin and the shark



50. When the voyage is over the poet wants –

(a) to gossip with his friend

(b) to sit idle thinking about nothing

(c) to sleep quietly and dream a sweet dream

(d) to have old scores 

Answer of the above Multiple Choice Quistions (MCQ) from Sea Fever written by John Masefield for class - X


1. (a) guide him

2. (a) the gulls and whales

3. (c) again and again

4. (b) cannot be denied

5. (c) a tall ship

6. (a) face

7. (b) tall ship

8. (b) seas

9. (d) tall

10. (c) beginning of the voyage

11. (d) it’s windy

12. (c) grey

13. (c) deny the call

14. (a) windy

15. (b) sea-gulls should be crying

16.(c) gypsy life

17. (a) knife

18.(d) laughter

19.(a) a gypsy

20.(b) at the end of the journey

21. (d) a star

22. (d) scattered water particles and foam and froth

 23. (c) journey

24. (c) wavy

25. (d) white

26. (b) the poet’s deep wish to be at sea

27. (b) sea-gulls

28. (a) wild and clear

29. (c) wheel’s kick

30. (c) white clouds

31. (a) a merry story

32. (a) quite sleep

33. (c) running tide

34. (b) windy day

35. (c) knife

36. (a) wild and clear

37. (a) tide

38 (a) the poet

39. (a) a merry yarn

40. (d) sea-gull

41. (a) a tall ship and a star

42. (b) excited

43. (b) misty

44. (b) wandering life

45. (a) tricky

46. (d) tale

47. (c) sea-gulls

48. (b) a sudden movement

49. (b) the sea-gull ad the whale

50. (c) to sleep quietly and dream a sweet dream

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Do Practice these  Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQ) yourself. You will definitely score an excellent result.

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