Our Runaway Kite Textual True False Class 10

Our Runaway Kite True or False Very Short Answer Questions  Class 10  Discussion Explanation Analysis Textual Bengali Translation Questions Answer

Our Runaway Kite True or False

Our Runaway Kite 

Lucy Maud Montgomery

State whether the following statements are True or False. Write 'T' for True and 'F' for False. Write words/ phrases/sentences from the text to support the answer.


 1. The narrator wants to tell us about a kite. F

S.S> It is all not account of a kite that there are more of us.

2. Claude and Philippa have a huge age gap. F

S.S> I am eleven years old. Cloude is twelve.


3. In winter, the harbour is moderately cold. F

S.S> In winter, when the harbour is frozen over to the main land.                    


4. Philippa and Claude longed for the company of other children. T

S.S> Of course Claude and I would have liked to have someone to play with us.


5. The children on the island enjoyed a good relationship with the children on the mainland. F

S.S> But we used to quarrel a good deal with the mainland children in winter.


6. To the narrator, it was a great idea to have relations. T

S.S> We thought it would be so jolly to have an uncle and aunt and some cousins.


7. Philippa and Claude pursued only one hobby. F

S.S> Every summer, we had some hobby.


8. Philippa and Claude were not enthusiastic about kites. F

S.S> We were crazy about kites.


9. Philippa and Claude wrote their first names on the kite. F

S.S> ………….. and had written our names full on it --


10. The surname/family name of Claude & Philippa was Leete. T

S.S> ………….. and had written our names full on it - Claude Leete and Philippa Leete,



11. The children repaired the kite very quickly. T

S.S> We rushed into the light house to get some paper. All at onace--snap.


12. The children had to repair only one side of the kite. F

S.S> We patched the kite up with the letter, a sheet on each side ……


13. When the cord snapped, the wind was blowing towards the island. F

S.S> Our kite had sailed away over to the mainland.


14. Father's eyes looked moistened after he had read the letter. T

S.S> After he finished reading it, his eyes looked as if he had been crying.


15. Aunt Esther's letter took more than three weeks to reach Philippa's father. T

S.S> A month later a letter came for father.


16. Philippa's uncle and father were equally responsible for the quarrel. F

S.S> He had quarrelled with his brother and left home.


17. Aunt Esther had her husband living with him. F

S.S> She was a widow….


18. Dick and Mimi could perhaps climb trees. T

S.S> ……..they discovered the kite on the top of a tree and carried it home.


19. Aunt Esther was shocked to see the letter. T

S.S> She turned pale.


20. Aunt Esther could only guess who the owner of the kite might be. T

S.S> It was the very letter she had once written to her brother.

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