Our Runaway Kite Textual Question Answer Class 10 Part 2

Our Runaway Kite Very Short Answer Questions  Class 10  Discussion Explanation Analysis Textual Bengali Translation Questions Answer

Our Runaway Kite 

Lucy Maud Montgomery

WBBSE Class 10th English: OUR RUNAWAY KITE by Lucy Maud Montgomery Answer the following Questions:

1. How did the kite look like?

Ans.= The kite was big and covered with lovely red paper with gold tinsel stars pasted all over it.


2. Who was there to play with the children on Big Half Moon?

Ans.= There was nobody to play with the children on the Big Half moon.

3. Why did the children have to make the most of each other?

Ans.= There was none to play with them on the island.

4. What story does Philippa want to tell us?

Ans.= Philippa wants to tell us how their family was reunited on account of the kite.


5. Where did the kite sail away ?

Ans.= The kite sailed away over to the mainland.


6. What was funny to the children?

Ans.= It was funny to the children that people pitied them when they went back to the island.


7. “Once we asked father about it, …”   Who are ‘we’ referred here? What did they ask their father?

Ans.= Here ‘we’ refers to the narrator and Claude.

= The narrator and Claude asked their father why they had not any relations like others.


8. Why didn't other children join Philippa and Claude on the island?

Ans.= Philippa and Claude used to quarrel a lot with other children, so they didn't join them on the island.


9. What question did the children ask themselves?

Ans.= The children asked themselves why, like others, they didn't have relations.


10. Who showed Claude how to make kites?

Ans.= A boy on the mainland showed Claude how to make kites.


11. What couldn't Philippa and Claude understand?

Ans.= Philippa and Claude couldn't understand why their father said that it was his fault that they didn't have any relations.


12. How does the harbour be like in summer?

Ans.= In summer, the harbour usually is blue and calm, with wind and ripples.


13. When did the children have some hobbies?

Ans.= The children had some hobby in summer.


14. Who sent the letter to the narrator’s father?

Ans.= The narrator’s father received the letter from his sister, the narrator’s Aunt Esther.


15. What did the children do with kites?

Ans.= The children would play Shipwrecked Mariners. During the game, they signaled to each other with kites.


16. What was beautiful about the big kite?

Ans.= The big kite was covered with lovely red paper. With gold tinsel stars pasted and names of the children written on it.


17. Why were the children hurrying to fix the kite?

Ans.= The children were hurrying to fix the kite because they wanted to send it up before the wind fell.


18. How did Philippa damage the kite?

Ans.= The kite was damaged accidentally when Philippa tripped over rocks and her elbow cleared through the kite.


19. What happened after the kite was sent up in the air?

Ans.= After the kite was sent up in the air, it soared very high, but suddenly its cord snapped and it sailed away.


20. Where did Aunt Esther live?

Ans.= Aunt Esther, who was a widow, lived hundred of miles inland.


21. How did Philippa's father react when he read the letter?

Ans.= When Philippa's father finished reading the letter (sent by Aunt Esther), he seemed to be crying.


22. What story did Philippa's father start telling?

Ans.= Philippa's father told the children the story of what had become of their kite. Actually, he started telling the story of his life.


23. How did Philippa's father get separated from his siblings?

Ans.= Philippa's father quarrelled with his brother and went away from home.


24. How did the kite reach Aunt Esther?

Ans.= Aunt Esther's children Dick and Mimi got the kite in the woods and brought it home.


25. Who discovered the kite on the woods ?

Ans.= Dick and Mimi discovered the kite on the woods.


26. Why did Aunt Esther recognize the letter quickly?

Ans.= Aunt Esther could recognise the letter quickly because she herself had written it to her brother.


27. What did Philippa's father do the day after he had told the story?

Ans.= The day after he had told the story, Philippa's father went and brought Aunt Esther and her children with him.


28. Why was there a sense of unhappiness in Philippa and Claude?

= Philippa and Claude would have liked to have someone to play pirate caves and things like that with them.


29. How did Aunt Esther react having seen the letter on the kite?

Ans.= When Aunt Esther saw the letter on the kite, she turned pale because it was the very letter she had once written to her brother.


30. Why did Philippa's father react in a strange way when he was asked about their relations?

= As Philippa's father though himself that it was his own fault.


31. Why were kites important to Philippa and Claude?

Ans.= They had a craziness about kites.


32. When did the author, his father, and his brother go to the mainland?

Ans.= When the harbour was frozen over, the author, his father, and his brother went to the mainland.


33. Why did the people of the mainland pity them?

Ans.= People always pitied them when the time came for them to return back to their own dear island. 


34. Why did the family move over to the mainland in winter?

Ans.= As  the harbour got frozen in the winter, the family moved over to the mainland from the Big Half Moon island.


35. Why did the narrator and Claude want someone to play with them?

Ans.= The narrator and Claude wanted someone to play with them because it was difficult to play the ‘pirate caves’ and things like that by only two. 


36. Why did the narrator and Claude want someone to play with them?

Ans.= Claude and the narrator wanted someone to play with them because it was hard to run  ‘pirate caves’ and things like that with only two. 


37. Why did Claude and the narrator feel puzzled?

Ans.= Their father didn’t seem to have any relations except them.


38. Why did the narrator’s father feel sorrowful?

Ans.= When the narrator and her brother asked their father of his other relation, except them, their father looked sorrowful.


39. What Claude and the narrator couldn’t understand? 

Ans.= When the narrator’s father told Claude and the narrator that he does not have any other relations because of his own fault.


40. “We live on the Big Half Moon island.”----    Who are referred here as ‘We’ ?

Ans.= Here ‘We’ are referred  to the narrator herself, her father, Claude, Aunt Esther, Mimi, and Dick. 


41. How old are the narrator and Claude?

Ans.= The narrator is eleven years old while Claude is twelve.


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