Our Runaway Kite Textual Question Answer Class 10 Part 1

Our Runaway Kite | Lucy Maud Montgomery | Complete the following sentences with information from the text

Complete sentences with information from text

Our Runaway Kite

Lucy Maud Montgomery

Complete the following sentences with information from the text:


1. By profession, Philippa's father was a keeper of the Big Half Moon lighthouse.

2. The family moved to the mainland when the harbour was frozen over.

3. People pitied the children because they thought we must be so lonesome over there.

4. It was difficult to run games when there were only two children.

5. The children were puzzled because their father didn't seem to have any relations except us.

6. The children thought they had no relations perhaps because they lived on an island.

7. When the weather was blue and calm, the harbour had little wind and ripples.

8. For playing 'Shipwrecked Mariners', Claude would go around to the other side of the island.

9. On the kite, the children wrote their names.

10. The big hole in the kite was made because the narrator tripped and fell over the rocks and his elbow went clear through the kite.

11. After patching up the kite, the children dried it by the fire.

12. The cord snapped and the kite had sailed away over to the mainland.

13. A letter came for Philippa's father a month later.

14. Having quarrelled with his brother, Philippa's father left home.

15. When Philippa's father came back, he found his brother dead, but he couldn't find his sister.

16. On seeing the kite patched with the letter, Aunt Esther turned pale. 

17. Dick and Mimi carried the kite home. 

18. Aunt Esther wrote a letter to the narrator’s father.

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