Our Runaway Kite Multiple Choice Questions MCQ Class 10

Our Runaway Kite Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) Class 10  Discussion Explanation Analysis Textual Bengali Translation Questions Answer
Our Runaway Kite Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)


Lucy Maud Montgomery

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

1. The children on the island had no one to

a. joke with them
b. play with them
c. run with them
d. quarrel with them

2. To play with them on the island, the children had

a. everybody
b. somebody
c. nobody
d. none of these

3. The number of children now living on the island are

a. five
b. four
c. three
d. two

4. The thing that helped the family reunite was

a. a kite
b. a tinsel star
c. a lighthouse
d. an old letter

5. The season when the children went back to the island was

a. winter
b. summer
c. autumn
d. spring

6. Philippa and Claude were

a. ten and eleven years old
b. eleven and twelve years old
c. twelve and thirteen years old
d. thirteen and fourteen years old

7. People pitied the children because they were

a. fearsome
b. weak
c. lonesome
d. hungry


8. In winter, Philippa and Claude used to

a. study with others
b. have fun with others
c. quarrel with others
d. fly kites with others

9. The children were puzzled because they didn't

a. have relations
b. go to the mainland
c. have their mother
d. have any kites

10. When he was asked about their other relations, Philippa's father

a. looked indifferent
b. became angry
c. said nothing
d. seemed sorrowful

11. Summer on the Big Half Moon island is

a. sometimes lovely
b. never lovely
c. always lovely
d. rarely lovely

12. In summer, the harbour was mostly

a. green and quiet
b. blue and calm
c. turquoise and placid
d. white and stromy

13. The hobby that attracted the children the most was

a. running pirate caves
b. going to woods
c. flying kites
d. cutting out tinsel stars

14. Claude was taught to make kites by

a. a boy
b. Aunt Esther
c. Dick
d. his father

15. The game that the children played with kites was

a. shipwrecked mariners
b. pirate caves
c. half moon island
d. need for speed

16. On the kite, the children pasted

a. red tinsel stars
b. gold tinsel stars
c. an old letter
d. their names

17. The accident with Philippa was that she

a. had her elbow bruised
b. fell off a tree
c. got stuck in a cave
d. fell over the rocks

18. The children were desperate to fly kites before

a. the nightfall
b. they went to the mainland
c. going to school
d. the wind fell

19. The first thing that came handy for patching up the kite was

a. a tinsel star
b. an old letter
c. a red paper
d. another kite

20. Claude looked foolish because

a. there was a hole in the kite
b. the wind had fallen
c. the cord had snapped
d. the kite could not be flown

21. A month later, a letter came for

a. father
b. aunt
c. Claude
d. Philippa

22. The letter that came for father made him

a. joyful
b. cry
c. angry
d. worried

23. Philippa's father had

a. one brother and one sister
b. two brothers and one sister
c. one brother
d. one sister

24. Philippa's father quarrelled with

a. his sister
b. Philippa
c. his brother
d. Dick and Mimi

25. When Philippa's father came back, his brother

a. had fallen ill
b. had gone missing
c. refused to talk to him
d. had died

26. Aunt Esther was

a. divorced
b. a widow
c. married
d. a spinster

27. Dick and Mimi found the kite on the top of

a. a tree
b. a lighthouse
c. a cave
d. their house

28. Claude and Philippa were the names of Aunt Esther's

a. grandparents
b. uncle and aunt
c. parents
d. cousins

29. The moment Aunt Esther read the letter, she

a. became worried
b. became senseless
c. became crazy
d. became pale

30. Dick and Mimi were too jolly for

a. sentences
b. words
c. phrases
d. alphabet


1. (b) play with them 

2. (c) nobody 

3. (b) four 

4. (a) a kite

5. (d) spring

6. (b) eleven and twelve 

7. (c) lonesome 

8. (c) quarrel with others 

9. (b) go to the mainland

10. (d) seemed sorrowful

11. (c) always lovely

12. (b) blue and calm

13. (c) flying kites

14. (a) a boy

15. (a) shipwrecked mari-ners

16. (b) gold tinsel stars

17. (d) fell over the rocks

18. (d) the wind fell 

19. (b) an old letter

20. (c) the cord had snapped

21. (a) father years old

22. (b) cry

23. (a) one brother and one sister

24. (c) his brother

25. (d) had died

26. (b) a widow

27. (a) a tree

28. (c) parents

29. (d) became pale

30. (b) words

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