Model Activity Tasks | Second Language (English) | Class 5 | Part Three | 2020 | PDF | Question & Answer

 Model Activity Tasks || Second Language (English) ||Class 5 || 2020 || PDF || Question & Answer

Part III

Question Paper:

Model Activity Tasks

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Answer Paper:






Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follow:

I was not very good at sports. But I could draw very well. As a result, I became the favourite of our drawing teacher, Ashubabu. He was given the charge of decorating the hall for the annual prize- distribution ceremony. He also conducted an event called ‘Music drawing’. For this event, there would be a blackboard and coloured chalks on a table. A student would sing a song and another would draw a picture on the blackboard, trying to capture in lines and colour the essence of song. In this way, through many such happy and memorable episodes, I spent six years of my school life.


Tick (√) the correct alternatives :

(a) Ashubabu was the ---

i) music teacher

ii) English teacher

iii) drawing teacher


(b) The writer could ---

i) draw well

ii) play well

iii) sing well


(c) The ‘Music drawing’ event needed ---

i) one student

ii) two students

iii) three students



Answer the following questions in a complete sentence ( in about 10-15 words ) :

(a) Why did the writer become favourite of Ashubabu?

 Ans. The writer could draw very well.

(b) How long did the writer spend his life in the school?

Ans. The writer spent six years of my school life.

(c) Which charge was given to Ashubabu?

Ans. Ashubabu was given the charge of decorating the hall for the annual prize- distribution ceremony.


Fill in the blanks with the words given in the list below ( one word is given extra ) :

(a) Our Darjeeling tour was truly a memorable experience.

(b) The boy is trying to capture the bird with a net.

(c) Who is your favourite footballer ?

[ List : capture, event, favourite, memorable ]



Fill in the blanks with the present and past continuous tenses of the verbs given in brackets :

(a) The little children is playing ( play ) in the ground.

(b) It was raining  ( rain ) all night yesterday.

(c) The devotees are chanting ( chant ) a prayer in the temple. 

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Do Practice this Model Activity Tasks Questions, and Answers yourself. You will definitely score an excellent result.

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