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 Tom Loses a Tooth | Mark Twain  | Textual Question and Answer | Grammar |  প্রশ্ন ও উত্তর | tom loses a tooth question answer

Tom Loses a Tooth

Tom Loses a Tooth || Mark Twain 

Textual questions: tom loses a tooth question answer

Exercise 1

Tick the correct answer from the given alternatives:

(1) Tom felt miserable on the mornings of

(a) Sunday

(b) Monday

(c) Thursday

(d) Saturday

(2) If Aunt Polly was to know that Tom had a loose tooth, she would

(a) call a doctor

(b) bring him some medicines

(c) surely pull it out √

(d) tell him to rest

(3) Tom drew his sore toe from under the

(a) sheet √

(b) blanket

(c) pillow

(d) mosquito-net

(4) Sid flew down the stairs to call

(a) the doctor

(b) Mary

(c) the nurse

(d) aunt Polly √

(5) The thread that Mary got aunt Polly was made of

(a) cotton

(b) jute

(c) silk √

(d) wool


Exercise 2

Answer the following questions within fifteen words:  

(1) Which one of Tom's teeth had come loose?

Ans.> One of Tom's upper front teeth had come loose.

(2) How are Sid and Mary related to Tom?

Ans.>  Sid is Tom’s brother and Mary is Tom’s cousin. 

(3) Why did Tom ask Sid not to stir him?

Ans.> Because, one of Tom’s toes was paining.

(4) Why did Tom pretend his toe was paining?

Ans.> Because, Tom wished to stay at home instead of going to school.


Exercise 3

Answer the following questions within twenty-five words:

(1) What did Tom remember hearing from a doctor?

Ans.> Tom remembered hearing from a doctor that a certain ailment could lay up a patient for three days.

(2) How did Aunt Polly react to the news that Tom was dying?

Ans.> Aunt Polly’s face grew pale and her lips trembled.


(3) How was Tom's loose tooth taken out?

Ans.> Aunt Polly fastened one end of the silk thread to Tom’s tooth and the other end to the bed-pot. She pulled and the tooth hung dangling by the bed-post.

"tom loses a tooth question answer"


Grammar in Use:

Exercise 4

Do as directed:

(a) Rafique was running fast. (change into an interrogative sentence)

Ans.> Was not Rafique running fast ?


(b) The boy would never forget the exciting incident. (change into an affirmative sentence)

Ans.> The boy would always remember the exciting incident.


c) We had a wonderful time last evening. (change into an exclamatory sentence)

Ans.> Ah ! what a wonderful time we had last evening.

(d) He loves to play football. (change into an interrogative sentence)  

Ans.> Does he not love to play football ?

(e) Rina tried all her plans. (change into a negative sentence)

Ans.> Rina had not tried any plan.


(f) Shut the door, Robin. (change into an assertive sentence)

Ans.> Robin Shut the door.  


Exercise 5

Replace the underlined words with suitable phrasal verbs from the list given below. Change the form of verbs where necessary. There is one extra phrasal verb in the list:


(a) The enemy surrendered without a fight.

Ans.> The enemy gave in without a fight.


(b) The child recovered in a month.

Ans.> The child came round in a month.


(c) The police investigated the case.

Ans.> The police looked into the case.


(d) Puja could understand what her sister said.

Ans.> Puja could make out what her sister said.


(e) The old man could not remember his childhood experiences.

Ans.> The old man could not call up his childhood experiences.


[List of phrasal verbs: look into, make out, look for, come round, give in, call up]



Exercise 6

Write a newspaper report on a road accident within 100 words. Use the following hints:

brake failure of a bus-collided with a truck-5 injured including a child and a woman-injured sent to hospital-released with first aid-traffic disrupted-police intervened-normalcy restored




Manikchak, 27th January 2020: A terrible bus accident occurred yesterday at Manikchak in Malda. At least 5 people injured including a child and a woman in this accident.

The accident took place when a speedy Malda Town bound bus failed its break at a place between Manikchak and Mathurapur and collided with a truck in a very horrible manner. The driver of the bus told that the bus collided with the truck because the brakes of the bus failed. About five persons were injured which consisted of a child and a woman too. The public immediately sent them to Manikchak Hospital. All the injured people were released with first aid. The police was informed as soon as the accident occurred. The traffic was disrupted for half an hour. Finally, the police intervened and restored normalcy.

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