Comprehension Exercises | His First Flight | Liam O'Flaherty | Class 9 | Grammar | প্রশ্ন ও উত্তর

 His First Flight | Liam O'Flaherty | Textual Question and Answer | Grammar |  প্রশ্ন ও উত্তর

His First Flight by Liam O'Flaherty

His First Flight || Liam O'Flaherty


Textual Questions:


Exercise 1


Tick the correct answer from the given alternatives:


(1) At night the seagull slept in a little

(a) nest

(b) hole

(c) turret

(d) burrow


(2) The ledge faced the

(a) north

(b) south

(c) east

(d) west


(3) The colour of the seagull's body was

(a) red

(b) black

(c) blue

(d) grey


(4) The two brothers and sisters of the seagull were lying on the

(a) plain

(b) plateau

(c) valley

(d) hill


(5) The mother seagull had picked up a piece of

(a) meat

(b) insect

(c) fish

(d) straw


Exercise 2


Answer the following questions within fifteen words:


(a) What was the first catch of the seagull's older brother?

Ans: Herring was the first catch of the young seagull’s older brother.


(b) Why did the seagull feel the heat?

Ans: The young seagull felt hot because the sun was now ascending the sky, blazing on his ledge and he had not eaten since the previous nightfall.


(c) Why did the seagull dive at the fish?

Ans: Maddened by hunger, the seagull dived at the fish.


(d) What happened when the seagull soared upwards?

Ans: The seagull flapped his wings once and soared upwards.


Exercise 3


Answer the following questions within twenty-five words:


(a) Why was the seagull afraid when he ran forward to the brink of the ledge?

Ans: The seagull felt certain that his wings would never support him to fly.


(b) What were the seagull’s two brothers and sister doing on the plateau?

Ans: They were dozing, with their heads sunk into their wings.


(c) What happened after the seagull's feet sank into the sea?

Ans: His feet sank into the sea, and then his belly touched it and he was floating on it. And around him his family was screaming, praising him.


Grammar in Use:


Exercise 4


Change the parts of speech of the given words in the chart:























Exercise 5


Rewrite the sentences changing the form of the underlined words as directed:


(1) He is known for his honesty. (change into adjective form)

Ans.> He is honest that is known.


(2) She spoke with kindness. (change into adverb form)

Ans.> She spoke kindly.


(3) The sun shone brightly. (change into noun form)

Ans.> The sun shone with brightness.


(4) She gave a wise judgment. (change into verb form)

Ans.> She judged wisely.

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