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The North Ship | Philip Larkin | Textual Question and Answer | Grammar |  প্রশ্ন ও উত্তর

The North Ship by Philip Larkin

The North Ship by Philip Larkin


Textual Questions:


Exercise 1


Tick the correct answer from the given alternatives:


(1) The number of ships sailing by were

(a) three

(b) two

(c) five

(d) four


(2) The wind carried the first ship to a

(a) big country

(b) small country

(c) rich country

(d) distant country


(3) The second ship turned towards the

(a) west

(b) north

(c) south

(d) east


(4) The decks of the third ship shone

(a) brightly

(b) frostily

(c) clearly

(d) dimly


(5) The northern sky rose over the

(a) unfruitful sea

(b) kind sea

(c) stormy sea

(d) calm sea


(6) The third ship was rigged for a

(a) long journey

(b) short journey

(c) slow journey

(d) quick journey



Exercise 2


Answer the following questions within twenty-five words:


(a) What did the wind do to the second ship?

Ans: The wind haunted the second ship like a beast.


(b) Give any two points of difference between the journey of the third ship and the other two ships.


Two Points

Of Differences

1st Ship

2nd Ship

3rd Ship

1st Point

turned towards the West

turned towards the East

turned towards the North

2nd Point

towards the running sea

towards the quaking sea

towards the darkening sea



Grammar in Use:


Exercise 3

Replace the underlined words with suitable phrasal verbs given in the list below. Change the form if necessary. There are two extra phrasal verbs:


(a) The child resembles his grandfather.

Ans.> The child takes after his grandfather.


(b) They published a magazine recently.

Ans.> They brought out a magazine recently.


(c) My mother taught me not to disrespect anyone.

Ans.> My mother taught me not to look down upon anyone.


(d) We should abolish bad habits.

Ans.> We should give up bad habits.


(e) A new university was built at Coochbehar.

Ans.> A new university was set up at Coochbehar.


[Phrasal verbs: bring out, set up, put up, run after, give up, look down upon, take after] 


Exercise 4


Do as directed:


(a) The man was so weak that he could not walk. (rewrite using 'too')

Ans.> The man was too weak to walk.


(b) Titir is one of the most intelligent girls in the class. (rewrite using the positive degree of the underlined adjective)

Ans.> Very few girls are as intelligent as Titir in the class.


(c) As soon as he reached home, it started raining heavily. (change into a negative sentence)

Ans.> No sooner had he reached home than it started raining heavily.


(d) Why cry over spilt milk? (change into an assertive sentence)

Ans.> Don’t cry over spilt milk.


(e) Blood is thicker than water. (change into an interrogative sentence)

Ans.> Is blood not thicker than water?


(f) He told a lie intentionally. (rewrite using the noun form of intentionally')

Ans.> It was his intention to tell a lie. 


(g) Run fast or you will be late. ( change into a complex sentence)

Ans.> If you don’t run fast, you will be late.


(h) The reporter made the news public. (rewrite using the verb form of public')

Ans.> The reporter publicized the news.

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