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The Sea | James Reeves | Textual Question and Answer | Grammar |  প্রশ্ন ও উত্তর | the sea class 8 question answer

The Sea by James Reeves


The Sea by James Reeves 

 Textual Questions: The Sea class 8 question answer

Activity 1


Tick the correct alternative:


(i) The sea is compared to a

(a) lazy cat

(b) active man

(c) hungry dog √


(ii) The sea rolls on the beach

(a) all day √

(b) all evening

(c) only at night.


(iii) The sea, seen as a dog, has

(a) greasy paws √

(b) sharp paws

(c) small paws.


(iv) The sea remains quiet in the

(a) beginning of the year √

(b) middle of the year

(c) end of the year.


Activity 2


Complete the following sentences with information from the text:


(a) The sea rolls on the beach with his clashing teeth and shaggy jaws.

(b) At night when the wind roars, the sea bounds to his feet and snuffs and sniffs.

(c) In May or June even the grasses on the dune do not play more their reedy tune.

(d) On quiet days the sea, like a dog, lies on the sandy shores with his head between his paws.


Activity 3


Answer the following question :


Why does the sea become quiet at a certain time of the year?


Ans:> The sea is not disturbed by a violent storm.


Activity 4


Fill in the following chart with information from the text :



Done by whom

(i) licks his greasy paws

the sea

(ii) roars

the night wind

(iii) rocks in the stormy cloud

the moon

(iv) stop their tune

the grasses on the dune



Activity 5


Answer the following questions:


(a) What does the sea look like?

Ans:> The sea looks like a giant hungry dog.


(b) Who rocks in the stormy cloud?

Ans:> The moon rocks in the stormy cloud.


(c) Where does the sea shake at his wet sides like a dog?

Ans:> The sea shakes at his wet sides over the cliffs like a dog.


(d) How do the grasses on the dune behave in May or June?

Ans:> The grasses on the dune stop playing their reedy tune in May or June.



Activity 6(a)


Underline the infinitives in the following sentences:


(i) To lie is a sin.


(ii) I am sorry to disturb you again.


(iii) He wanted to retire from service.


(iv) To err is human.


Activity 6(b)


Read the following sentences. Identify the Noun phrases, Adjective phrases and Adverb phrases and fill in the chart given below:


(i) Food and shelter, she has none.

(ii) Her voice is pleasing to the ear.

(iii) Mrinal is a jewel of a boy.

(iv) Feel yourself at home.


Noun phrase

Adjective phrase

Adverb phrase

Food and shelter

pleasing to the ear

at home

a jewel of a boy











Activity 6(c)


Read the following sentences. Identify the Main or Principal clause and the Dependent clause and fill in the chart given below:


(i) I know a man who is a doctor.

(ii) Tell me who opened the door.

(iii) She is the girl who always takes care of her friends.

(iv) We shall stay at home if it rains.


Main clause

Dependent clause

I know a man

who is a doctor

Tell me

who opened the door

She is the girl

who always takes care of her friends

We shall stay at home

if it rains


Activity 7


Make meaningful sentences of your own with the following words:


(a) giant : Shakespeare is a giant among writers.


(b) moans : They get fed up with her moans.


(c) dune : The sand massed to form a dune.


(d) quiet :  He was a quiet, shy man.

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