Write a paragraph (within 100 words) on 'A Boat Journey You Enjoyed' based on the following points:

 A paragraph on 'A Boat Journey You Enjoyed' 
A Boat Journey You Enjoyed

2. Write a paragraph (within 100 words) on 'A Boat Journey You Enjoyed' based on the following points: 

Points: Introduction - How you journeyed - sights seen - your feelings


A Boat Journey You Enjoyed 

During my last puja vacation, I went to visit my friend’s house at Haldibari. He promised me a boat journey. He kept his word. One fine morning we boarded a boat. We were eight in number. The river Harinakhali was glittering with the bright rays of the sun. The wind and the current being favourable, our boat drifted on by itself. As the boat approached, I feasted my eyes on the lovely sights on the banks of the river. The village boys were bathing, the women were washing clothes or utensils, fishermen were catching fishes. It was a season of late autumn. I was overjoyed to sight the floating cloudlets, the dancing ‘kash’. My friends started singing. A gentle breeze soothed us. Everything around us was bright and beautiful. Towards the evening we came back home. The journey left a lasting impression on my mind.



# glittering - ঝিকমিক করা

# drift - স্রোতে ভেসে যাওয়া

# oarsman - দাঁড়ি , মাঝি 

# favourable - অনুকুল

# utensils - বাসন

# floating - ভাসমান

# feasted - পরিতৃপ্ত করা

# cloudlets - মেঘখণ্ড

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