The Snail | William Cowper | Very Important Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQ) | Class X Madhyamik Exam West Bengal

Very Important Practice Questions on The Snail by William Cowper || Practise these Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQ). Do an excellent result in the Madhyamik Examination


The Snail


The Snail || William Cowper 


Do Practice these  Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQ) yourself. You will definitely get an excellent result.


1.The snail sticks to things, as if he

... Ans. B ) grew there

2. A snail sticks close to

... Ans. D ) all of these

3. A snail is not afraid of

... Ans. C ) falling

4. A snail hides

... Ans. C ) in his own house

5. To a snail, there is harm other than

... Ans. A ) weather

6. The snail has a power of

... Ans. B ) self-collecting

7. When the snail gets a little touch, he

... Ans. B ) shrinks into his house

8. When someone touches a snail, he shows

... Ans. C ) displeasure

9. A snail loves to dwell

... Ans. A ) alone

10. The snail does not have any belonging except

... Ans. B ) himself

11. The snail has no fear

... Ans. A ) to fall

12. Danger comes to the snail from

... Ans. D ) storm

13. The word ‘imminent’ means

... Ans. C ) danger

14. When there is a storm, the snail

... Ans. D ) hides within his house

15. The snail has

... Ans. A ) horns

16. With the slightest touch, the snail shrinks into his house with

... Ans. A ) displeasure

17. The snail hides himself

... Ans. D ) within his own shell

18. The self-collecting power of the snail is

... Ans. A ) great

19. The snail considers his house

... Ans. C ) secure

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20. In his house the snail lives with

... Ans. D ) no one

21. The snail has got

... Ans. C ) self-collecting power

22. The snail is seen to lead

... Ans. D ) a life with the slightest touch

23.The word ‘chattels’ means

... Ans. B ) personal belongings

24. The snail lives his life like a

... Ans. C ) hermit

25. The only personal belonging of the snail is

... Ans. C ) himself

26. The snail sticks close to

... Ans. D ) grass, leaf, fruit or wall

27. The snail assumes danger with its

... Ans. C ) sensitive horns

28. His self-collecting power is

... Ans. C ) very strong

Do Practice these  Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQ) yourself. You will definitely score an excellent result.

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