Comprehension Exercises | The Beauty and the Beast | Class 7 | Textual Question and Answer | Grammar | প্রশ্ন ও উত্তর

The Beauty and the Beast | Textual Question and Answer | Grammar | প্রশ্ন ও উত্তর


The Beauty and the Beast



 Let's do:

Activity 1


Choose the correct option:


What is the text type? Is it—

(a) an imaginary story 

(b) a true story

(c) the life story of a famous person?



Activity 2


Underline the correct answer:


(a) Belle is the name of the

(i) youngest daughter 

(ii) middle daughter

(iii) eldest daughter


(b) Belle asked her father to bring

(i) jewels

(ii) dresses

(iii) a rose 


(c) The owner of the castle was a

(i) rich merchant

(ii) beast

(iii) king


Activity 3


Identify which of the following statements are True and which are False. Give a supporting statement for each of your answers:


(a) The merchant had three daughters. T

S.S>> wealthy merchant lived in a big mansion with his three daughters.


(b) The merchant lost his way on his return journey. T

S.S>> While returning, he lost his way in a forest.


(c) Belle did not go to the castle on her own will. F

S.S>> and willingly went to the Beast's castle.


(d) Belle became the mistress of the castle. T

S.S>> The Beast received her graciously and told her, “You are the mistress of the castle, and I am your servant.” 



Activity 4 


 Answer the following questions:


(a) How did the fortune of merchant change?

Ans.>  The merchant lost all his wealth in a tempest on sea.


(b) What were the gifts that the three daughters asked for?

Ans.> Both the elder daughters of the merchant asked for jewels and fine dresses and Belle asked his father to bring rare roses.  


(c) Why did the merchant go to the castle?

Ans.> The merchant lost his way in the forest and went to the castle.


(d) What did the Beast demand form the merchant?

Ans.> The beast demanded that either the merchant would have to return to the castle or else his daughter will have come to stay with him in his castle.


(e) Why did Belle go to the castle of the Beast?

Ans.> Belle went to the castle of the beast for the promise that his father gave to the beast.




Activity 5


Fill in the table with information from the text:




The merchant lost all his wealth in a tempest on sea.

The merchant moved over to a village farmhouse

The merchant promised to send Belle to the castle

The beast gave her lavish clothing and food and carried on lengthy conversations with her.

Belle found the Beast almost dead.

Belle wept over the body of the beast


Activity 6


Answer the following questions:


(1) Why did the beast decide to kill the merchant?

Ans.> The merchant picked the loveliest rose of the beast’s garden.


(2) How did the beast look after Belle in his castle?

Ans.> The beast gave Belle lavish clothing, food and carried on lengthy conversation with her.


(3)  Why did Belle fail to find the prince of her dreams in the castle?

Ans.> Because the beast itself was the prince.


(4) What are the two things Belle carried to her father’s house? Why did she take them?

Ans.> Belle went to her father’s house with an  enchanted mirror and a enchanted ring.

The mirror would allow her to see what was going on back at the beasts castle, the ring would allow he to return to the castle in an instant.


(5) How did a handsome prince become  an ugly beast?

Ans.> As soon as Belle’s tears touched the ugly beast, the beast was transformed into a handsome prince.



Activity 7


Rearrange the sentences in the correct order by writing the numbers in in the brackets. One is done for you:


(1) The ugly beast became a handsome prince. (6)

(2) Belle declined to marry the Beast. (3)

(3) The merchant promised to bring a rose for Belle. (1)

(4) Belle wept on the dying body of the Beast. (5)

(5) Belle went to the castle of the Beast. (2)

(6) Belle promised to return to the castle within a weak. (4)


Activity 8


The meanings of certain words are given here. Identify those words from the text:


(i) imprisoned :> captive

(ii) that which cannot be seen :> invisible

(iii) friendly and kind behaviour to guest :> gracious

(iv) completely changed :> transformed


Activity 11


Underline the participle adjectives in the following sentences :


(1) Runa is a trained nurse.

(2) The police caught the absconding prisoner.

(3) A rising sun looks bright.

(4) Do not board a running bus.

(5) The sleeping girl is looking beautiful.



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