Comprehension Exercises | The Riddle | Class 7 | Textual Question and Answer | Grammar | প্রশ্ন ও উত্তর

The Riddle | Textual Question and Answer | Grammar | প্রশ্ন ও উত্তর

The Riddle




The Riddle


Activity 1 


Choose the correct answers from the given alternatives: 


(a) Emperor Akbar was walking 

(i) in his palace

(ii) in the royal garden √

(iii) in the house of Birbal.


(b) Birbal was Akbar's 

(i) most trusted and faithful minister

(ii) greedy and unfaithful minister 

(iii) rival


(c) The emperor was 

(i) happy

(ii) calm 

(iii) worried √


(d) The fastest thing on earth is 

(i) the human mind √

(ii) bullock cart 

(iii) horse


(e) The neighbour was outwitted by 

(i) Akbar

(ii) Birbal √

(iii) the neighbour's friend 



Activity 2 


Identify which of the following statements are True and which are False. Give a supporting statement for each of your answers. 


(a) Emperor Akbar was very worried when he was roaming in his garden. T

S.S>> But the great Emperor Akbar did not have peace of mind,


(b) There were no flowers and fruits in the garden of Akbar. F

S.S>> There were flowers of all shapes and sizes in his garden.


(c) Birbal was indifferent to Akbar's troubles. F

S.S>> Wise Birbal, noticing this, asked Akbar, 'O great and powerful King, what is troubling you?


(d) Birbal succeeded in answering to Akbar's query. T

S.S>> Birbal offered to answer his question.  


(e) The people of Akbar's court admired the wisdom of Birbal. T

S.S>> people were amazed at the wisdom of Birbal




Activity 3 


What kind of a text is this? 


It is a 

(i) play 

(ii) essay 

(iii) story √



Activity 5 


Complete the sentences meaningfully: 


(a) Akbar asked Birbal what the fastest thing on this planet is.

(b) Most people of the court of Akbar were puzzled hearing the question that troubled Akbar. 

(c) The man who sold the well withdrew his claim immediately. 

(d) Human mind is the fastest thing on earth. 



Activity 6 


Fill in the chart with information from the text: 




1. Akbar cannot find an answer to a simple question- what is the fastest thing on this planet?' 

1. Akbar was troubled 

2. Emperor Akbar asked Birbal to solve a riddle 

2. Akbar called all his courtiers together.

3. A neighbour kept water in his well.

3. The neighbour wanted to charge money for drawing water from the well. 



  Activity 7 


Answer the following questions:


(a) What are the things that the great Emperor Akbar love?

Ans. Emperor Akbar was a great lover of arts, science, literature and music.


(b) Why did Akbar not have peace of mind?

Ans. There was a riddle that had been troubling him.


(c) What was the problem presented by the man from the audience?

Ans. The problem was very funny. Once he bought a well from his neighbour . But , when he wanted to draw water from the well , his neighbour claimed money from him.


(d) How did Birbal solve the problem?

Ans. Birbal solved the problem in a very simple way. He told the man that he should claim  charge from his neighbour became he kept water in his well. Then the neighbour realized that he was outwitted and withdraw his claim immediately.   



Activity 8


Identify the words from the text which are the synonyms of the following words:


(a) Confused :> puzzled

(b) demand :> claimed

(c) argument :> dispute

(d) surprised :> amazed



Activity 9



Complete the following sentences with the proper degree of adjectives:  


(a) Shiela has the longest (long) hair in te class.

(b) Mr. Ghosal is busier (busy) than Mr. Patnaik.

(c) We should be more careful (careful) in our speech.

(d) Shenawaz is as thin (thin) as Pralay.

(e) The owl is considered as the wisest (wise) of all.

(f) His house is  farther (far) away from my house than Sanjeev’s.


Activity 10


Fill in the blanks with either Present Continuous Tense or Past Continuous Tense:


(a) It  is raining (rain) now.

(b) Dr. Manmohan Singh is visiting (visit) Kolkata today.

(c) Hari was studying (study) at 9pm yesterday.

(d) The boys are playing (play) in the field now.

(e) Rahim  was talking (talk) to his friend when his mother called him.



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