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  Model Question - 5 || English || Class 10  || Question & Answer || Grammar


Model Question


Model Question - 5

Class X



Reading Comprehension (Seen)



1. Read the text carefully and answer the questions that follow :

Swami went to school feeling that he was the worst boy on earth. His conscience bothered him. He wasn't at all sure if his description of Samuel had been accurate. He felt he had mixed up the real and the imagined.

Swami stopped on the roadside to make up his mind about Samuel. Samuel was not such a bad man after all. Personally he was much more friendly than the other teachers. Swami also felt Samuel had a special regard for him.

Swami's head was dizzy with confusion. He could not decide if Samuel really deserved the allegations made against him in the letter. The more he thought of Samuel, the more Swami grieved for him. To recall Samuel's dark face, his thin moustache, unshaven cheek and yellow coat filled Swaminathan with sorrow.


A. Tick () the correct alternative to complete the following sentences :

(i) Swami was bothered by his

(a) conscience

(b) bad habit

(c) anger

(d) disgust  


(ii) Swami went to ------- feeling that he was the worst boy on earth.

(a) the playground

(b) school

(c) office

(d) the park


B. Complete the following sentences with information from the text :

(i) Swami's conscience bothered him as the worst boy on earth. 

(ii) Samuel was more friendly than the other teachers.


C. Answer the following question :

(iii) Why was Swami confused ?

Ans.> Swami could not decide if Samuel really deserved the allegations made against him in the letter.

2. Read the following extract and answer the questions given below:


...And I think it no disgrace

I'll not deny you make

To occupy my place.

A very pretty squirrel track ;

If I'm not so large as you,

Talents differ; all is well and wisely put;

You are not so small as I,

If I cannot carry forests on my back,

And not half so spry.

Neither can you crack a nut.’


A. Tick () the correct alternative to complete the following sentences :


(i) Here the word 'disgrace' means -----

(a) distress

(b) pride

(c) shame

(d) disagreement


(ii) 'All is well and ------ put.

(a) gently

(b) purely

(c) wisely

(d) proudly


(iii) In the expression “I'll not deny.....”—the squirrel does not deny that fact that

(a) the mountain is very big

(b) the mountain makes a very pretty squirrel track

(c) it is very small

(d) the mountain is more powerful than it


(iv) The word 'spry' means-

(a) full of anger

(c) full of sorrow

(c) full of life and energy

(d) full of happiness

B. Write whether the following statements are true or false and provide supporting sentences (S.S):


(i) The squirrel is arrogant. F

S.S: ‘--- And I think it no disgrace.

(ii) The mountain can easily crack a nut. F

S.S: Neither can you crack a nut.’


Reading Comprehension (Unseen)


3. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below:


The famous traveller and discoverer, Sir Walter Raleigh who lived in the reign of Queen Elizabeth, was the first man to indulge in the habit of tobacco smoking in England. He brought tobacco with him from the newly discovered continent of America and introduced the use of it in Europe. One day he sat smoking in his garden, when a servant passed by carrying a pail of water. The man had not heard of his master's strange habit and glared at him when he saw the cloud of smoke and thought his clothes must have caught fire. Being a man of great quickness and presence of mind, he rushed up to his beloved master and raising the pail of water, flung the contents over him and without waiting for his thanks, sped away for some more water.


A. Tick off () the correct answer from the alternatives given below :


(i) Sir Walter Raleigh belonged to the reign of

(a) Queen Elizabeth

(b) King Edward

(c) Queen Victoria

(e) King George-V


(ii) Sir Walter Raleigh was by profession a / an

(a) explorer

(b) adventurer

(c) writer

(d) scientist


B. Some statements are true and some are false. Write 'T' for true and 'F' for false statements in the boxes given on the right-hand side. Provide supporting sentences / phrases (S.S) from the above passage :


(i) Sir Walter Raleigh brought tobacco to England. F

S.S: --- introduced the use of it in Europe.


(ii) The servant was lazy and had no presence of mind. F

S.S: Being a man of great quickness and presence of mind, ---

C. Answer the following question :


(i) What led the servant to think that his master's clothes had caught fire ?

Ans.> When thee servant saw the cloud of smoke, he thought that his master’s cloths had caught fire.


Grammar & Vocabulary


4. Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles and prepositons:

(i) Lepchajagat is the most exquisite place in the western part of Darjeeling hills. It offers a unique experience to Nature lovers with its alpine scenario and magnificent view of Kanchenjunga.

5. Do as directed :

(i) One should not laugh at a beggar. (Change the Voice)

Ans.> A beggar should not be laughed at.


(ii) I said to him, “Who wrote this book ?" (Change into Indirect Speech)

Ans.> I asked him who had written this book.


(iii) I do not watch television. I do not listen to the radio. (Join the sentences with Alternative Conjunction)

Ans.> I neither watch television nor listen to the radio.


(iv) Having been informed of the trouble, the Principal left for home. (Split the sentence)

Ans.> The Principal was informed to the trouble. He left for home.


6. Replace the underlined words from the following sentences with suitable phrasal verbs listed below:


(i) You will soon overcome your problems.

Ans.> You will soon get over your problems

(ii) The son resembles his father.

Ans.> The son takes after his father.

[List : take after, break down, get over]

7. Given below are the meaning of two words which you will find in (Question No. 3). Find out the words and write them in the appropriate boxes on the right-hand side :

(i) Rule : Reign

(ii) Weird : Strange




8. Write a letter to the editor of an English Daily complaining about the miserable condition of the hospital in your locality.

[Points : Mismanagement - lack of cleanliness — patients on the floor — doctors apathetic, scarcity of medicines, tests to be done outside - poor food quality — hard admission – chaotic condition prevailing everywhere.]


The Editor,

The Statesman,                                         

Kolkata-700001                                                  Date. 6.3.2021



Through the columns of your esteemed daily, I want to venture my views on the bad condition of the hospital in our locality is very deplorable. The doctors are not alway  s available, often they remain out of the hospital to attend their personal clinic. As a result, outdoor patients have to wait in a long standing queue. Sometimes they are compelled to return home without treatment. The indoor patients cry for medical help but nurses do not care to attend them in time. The other staffs of the hospital neglect their duties. As such hospital rooms and corridors remain extremely untidy and nasty. Food and water are inadequate and unhygienic. Life saving medicines are scarce and other medicines are always short in the store. E.C.G. and X-ray plants remain out of order. In view of the fact, the authority concerned is requested to look into the matter and take necessary steps to end the bad condition of the hospital in the interest of the people.


                                        Yours faithfully,

                                    Suranjan Das


                                   P.O. Ratua, Malda 

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