Model Question -6 | English | Class 10 | Question & Answer | Grammar

 Model Question - 6 || English || Class 10  || Question & Answer || Grammar


Model Question - 6


Model Question - 6

Class X


Reading Comprehension (Seen)


1. Read the following text and answer the questions :

The teacher was inspecting the home lessons. To Swami's thinking, this was the time when Samuel got most angry. But today Samuel appeared very gentle.

"Swaminathan, where is your homework ?"

"I have not done my homework, sir," Swami said.

"Why-headache ?" asked Samuel.

“Yes, sir."

“All right, sit down," Samuel said.

When the bell rang for the last period at 4.30, Swami picked up his books and ran to the headmaster's room. He found the room locked. The peon told him the headmaster had gone on a week's leave. Swaminathan ran away from the place.

As soon as he entered home with the letter, Father said, “I knew you wouldn't deliver it.”

“But the headmaster is on leave", Swami said.

Father snatched the letter away from Swami and tore it up.


A. Complete the following sentences with information from the above text :

(i) Samuel got most angry while the teacher inspects the home lessons.

(ii) Swaminathan could not do his homework because he had a headache.

(iii) Swaminathan's father finally snatched the letter away from Swami and tore it up.

(iv) Going to the headmaster's room, Swaminathan found that the room was locked.


B. Answer the following questions : 


(i) Why could Swaminathan not give the letter to the headmaster?

Ans.>  Swaminathan could not give the letter to the headmaster because the headmaster had gone on a week's leave.


(ii) What was Swaminathan's father sure of ?

Ans.> Father was sure that Swaminathan wouldn't deliver the letter to the headmaster.

2. Read the poem carefully and answer the questions :


'... You are not so small as I,

And not half so spry.

I'll not deny you make

A very pretty squirrel track;

Talents differ; all is well and wisely put;

If I cannot carry forests on my back,

Neither can you crack a nut.'


A. Answer the following questions :


(i) Who makes the squirrel track ?

Ans.> The mountain makes the squirrel track.


(ii) What is carried on its back by the mountain ?

Ans.> The mountain carries forests on his back.


Reading Comprehension (Unseen)


3. Read the following passage and answer the questions :


Wildlife experts from India and abroad will gather in Darjeeling this month to prepare a road map for the conservation of red pandas in zoos and wilderness.

The red panda is larger than a cat with a bear-like body and thick russet fur and is found in the forests of Nepal, Bhutan, North Bengal, the Northeast, northern Myanmar and western China.

Indiscriminate deforestation, loss of habitat and poaching are the main reasons behind the decrease. At present, there are an estimated 10,000 adult red pandas. The Darjeeling zoo, part of the Bengal zoo authority will host the Red Panda Global Management Plan Meeting from April 24 to 26. Raising public awareness about red pandas and their conservation is also on the agenda. The last such conference was held at Rotterdam in the Netherlands in 2012.

A. Write whether the following statements are 'True' or 'False':


(i) Red Pandas are endangered species. T

(ii) The Meet in Darjeeling will be a national level gathering. T


B. Tick (√) the correct alternative to complete the sentences :


(i) Red Pandas have ------ on their body.

(a) scales

(b) fur

(c) thorns


(ii) The last conference was held in

(a) 2012

(b) 2022

(c) 2019


C. Answer the following questions :


(i) What are the causes of concern about the conservation of red pandas ?

Ans.>Indiscriminate deforestation, loss of habitat and poaching are the main reasons behind the decrease.


(ii) What does the Meet aim for?

Ans.> To prepare a road map for the conservation of red pandas.

Grammar & Vocabulary


4. Do as directed :

(i) "Swaminathan, where is your homework ?" said the teacher. (Change the Mode of Narration)

Ans.> The teacher asked Swaminathan where his homework was.


(ii) I knew that you would not deliver it. (Change the Voice of the second part)

Ans.> I knew that it would not be delivered by you.


(iii) Swaminathan picked up his books and ran to the headmaster's room. (Rewrite in a Simple Sentence)

Ans.> Picking up his books Seaminalhan ran to the headmaster's room.


(iv) You are not so small as I. (Change the Degree of Adjective and rewrite)

Ans.> I am smaller than you.


5. Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions :


(i) Samuel stood at the entrance to his class.

(ii) As he entered the school gate, an idea occurred to him.

6. Find words from the unseen passage (Question No.3) which mean the following:


(1) Natural surroundings of animals : Wildlife

(ii) List of items undertaken or to be discussed : Agenda


7. Write a letter to your friend in Siliguri telling him about the newly built Smart Classroom in your school and how proud you are of it.


Dear Nita,                                                          Date: 12.03.2021


How are you ? I hope you are fine. I am also very good. Thank you for your letter. You want to know about our newly built smart classroom. I certainly inform you about the classroom.

Smart classes are the modern way of learning. It helps in making young minds learn better. Keeping this in mind, our school has now started implementing visual learning in the form of ‘Smart Classes’.

My new built smart classroom its very big! it has three computer, projector, digital equipments and a viewing screen rooms and many other wonderful facilities. Actually, it seems a nice place to learn. I enjoy and feel proud studying there with the fellow students in my class.

                                                      Yours ever,



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