All abut a Dog | Part 1 | Very Important Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQ) | Class 9

 Very Important Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQ) on All abut a Dog

All abut a Dog | Part 1 | Very Important Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQ) | Class 9


24 Very Important Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQ) on All abut a Dog

1. The younger woman carried a little 

(A) spaniel 

(B) bulldog  

(C) Pekinese dog 

(D) spitz

2. The younger woman was suffering from 

(A) stomach 

(B) back pain 

(C) fever 

(D) cough 

3. The bell was pulled by the 

(A) conductor 

(B) driver

(C) younger woman 

(Delder woman

4. The number of policemen to whom the woman expressed her anger was





5. Tne problem the bus faced was with the





6. The time of travelling in the bus was






7. The night was


(Bvery cold 


(Dvery hot  


8. The vacant places in the bus were filled by

(Atwo men and a woman

(Btwo women and a man 

(Ctwo men and two women

(Dtwo women, a man, and a dog 

9. The lady with the dog got support from

(Aa policeman

(Bthe conductor  

(Call the co-passengers 

(Da few passengers

10. The conductor noticed the Pekinese dog when

(Athe bus stopped  

(Bthe driver pointed to it

(Che was collecting fares 

(Dthe woman refused to oblige him  

11. The eyes of the Pekinese dog were like  


(Bsquare boxes



12. The conductor had a general grievance against

(Athe dog 

(Bthe driver

(Cthe passengers 

13. The conductor shivered at the






14. Everybody in the bus supported the



(CPekinese dog

(Dlady with the Pekinese dog 

15. Some passengers claimed their

(Aluggage back  

(Bboots back

(Cfares back 


16. The conductor disagreed to give back their 



(Camount paid to travel 

17. The conductor was as cold as ….. “-- Here “cold” means 

(Awithout heat 



(Dnone of these 


18. If the young lady would go to the top of the bus, according to the man's opinion, she would suffer from





19. The bus stopped for the second time because 

(Athe tyre got punctured 

(Bthe engine developed trouble 

(Cthe brake failed 

(Dthe passengers wanted it to stop 

20. The 'long job' refers to 

(Adevelopment of the engine 

(Bselling ticket to the passengers

(Crepairing the engine 

(Dchanging the tyres 

21. "The whole struggle began..."-Here 'struggle' refers to

(Athe dog related struggle 

(Bthe lady related struggle

(Cthe police related struggle 

(Da passenger with a dog related struggle 

22. The last passenger to get out of the bus was  

(Athe woman with a Pekinese dog 

(Ba policeman  

(Cthe male companion of the woman

(Dthe narrator himself 

23. The hard and fast rules are




(Ddangers to life ad limb


24. The conductor of the bus behaved with the narrator 


(B) indifferently 

 (Cquite amicably 


Do Practice these  Questions and Answer yourself. You will definitely score an excellent result.

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