Tales of Bhola Grandpa | Part 1 | Very Important Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQ) | Class 9

 Very Important Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQ) on Tales of Bhola Grandpa

Tales of Bhola Grandpa | Part 1 | Very Important Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQ) | Class 9


21 Very Important Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQ) on Tales of Bhola Grandpa 

(1) In the Bokal tree there lived

A) crows 

B) monkeys 




(2) On the way back from the festival, Bhola grandpa tightly held on two the two fingers of his 






(3) A gang of pirates was burying a 

A) large box 

b) small box 

C) large bag  

D)small bag


(4) Bhola grandpa was rerunning from the 

A) yearly market 

B) monthly month 

C) daily market 

D) weekly market 

(5) Bhola grandpa died at the age of  

A) eighty-five 

B) ninety-five 

C) fifty-five 

D) seventy-five


(6) In the village Bhola grandpa and his wife lived at the 

Aeastern part 

B) northern part 

C) western part 

D) southern part


(7) The storyteller was riding on 

A) a house

B) a donkey 

C) a motorcycle 

D) a village chowkidar’s shoulders 


(8) The road was 

A) long 

B) foggy 

C) short and foggy 

D) long and foggy 

(9) All of a sudden Bhola grandpa let out 

A) a cry 

B) a healthy 

C) a loud wail 

D) a shout


(10) Bhola grandpa was 

A) laughing 

B) taunting 

C) mourning  

D) smiling


(11) How many people accompanied grandpa in his search? 

A) one 

B) two 

C) three 

D) four


(12) The night referred to was 

A) dark 

B) star-studded 

C) moonlit 

D) semi-dark

(13) The narrator’s father and his friends looked for 

A) the sand dunes 

B) hidden treasure 

C) tiger 

D) Bhola grandpa


(14) Ultimately, Bhola grandpa admitted that the gang of pirates seen by him was actually 

A) a dream 

B) an imagination 

C) the reality 

D) read in a novel


(15) In earlier days people travelled in the sunderbons after sundown 

A) alone  

B) with weapons 

C) in groups 

D) none of these 


(16) The growl was of a 

A) lion 

B) dog 

C) fox 

D) royal Bengal 

(17) Finding the tiger too close to him, Bhola Grandpa 

A) ran in fear 

B) sat down in frustration 

C) climbed up a tree 

D) became extremely nervous


(18) With nightfall, the forest gradually became 

A) bright and vibrant 

B) calm and quiet 

C) dark and silent 

D) cool and mysterious


(19) Bhola Grandpa requested the first man on the mount for 

A) drinking water 

B) food 

C) shelter 

D) weapon


(20) According to Bhola Grandpa’s wife the cause of his death 

A) forgetting to take medicine 

B) forgetting to take water 

C) forgetting to take food 

D) forgetting to breathe 

(21) Bhola Grandpa’s wife was ---------- years old when Grandpa died. 

A) eighty 

B) eighty-one 

C) eighty-five 

D) eighty-nine  

Do Practice these  Questions and Answer yourself. You will definitely score an excellent result.

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