Autumn Multiple Choice Question Answers MCQ Class 9 Part 1

 Very Important Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQ) on Autumn

Autumn | Part 1 | Very Important Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQ) | Class 9


15 Very Important Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQ) on Tales of Bhola GrandpaTick () the correct answer from the given alternatives :

1. All through the day the fitful gust shakes the 

(A) widow-pane 

(B) curtains

(C) casement 

(D) door

2. The poet loves to see the shaking twig dance till the

(A) coming of dawn

(B) end of night

(C) end of afternoon

(D) shut of eve 

3. The sparrow sat on the

(A) cottage-rig 

(B) housetop

(C) mossy elm-tree

(D) casement 

4. The pigeons nestled round the  addressing the

(A) cage

(B) cote 

(C) tree tops 

(D) millsails

5. The cote was crowing upon the 

(A) dunghill 

(B) lea 

(C) apostrophe

(D) polysyndeton


6. The grunting pigs 

(A) walk slowly

(B) scramble by

(C) scramble and hurry 

(D) dive and swim 


7. The poet loves to see  

(A) the shaking twig 

(B) the bent twig

(C) the curved twig

(D) the upright twig

8. The wind takes away the faded leaves from the

(A) date tree

(B) palm tree 

(C) elm-tree 

(D) mango tree

9. The faded leaves f the elm-tree twirl by the window pane due to

(A) the fitful gust 

(B) the cottage smoke

(C) other leaves 

(D) the season of autumn

10. Among with the faded leaves f the elm-tree, the fitful gust takes away 

(A) the raven,s fathers 

(B) the cottage smoke

(C) other leaves 

(D) twigs 

11. The faded leaves of the elm-tree taken away by the fitful gust twirl by

(A) the cottage rig

(B) the lea

(C) the drug-hill

(D) the window pane 

12. The leaves of the elm tree are

(A) fresh

(B) colourful 

(C) worn-out 

(D) vibrant

13. The elm tree is

(A) glossy

(B) mossy 

(C) dusty

(D) rusty


14. The ‘casement’ is

(A) a curtain

(B) a window that opens like a door with hinges on one side 

(C) a door

(D) an attic

15. The leaves of the mossy elm tree are 

(A) torn

(B) tender

(C) drenched

(D) withered 

Do Practice these  Questions and Answer yourself. You will definitely score an excellent result.

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