Autumn | Part 2 | Very Important Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQ) | Class 9

 Very Important Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQ) on Autumn

Autumn | Part 2 | Very Important Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQ) | Class 9


18 Very Important Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQ) on Autumn.  Tick () the correct answer from the given alternatives :  

1. The faded leaves of the mossy elm-tree are taken away by

(A) the cottage smoke

(B) the fitful gust 

(C) the raven

(D) the old crow


2. The word ‘twirling’ means 

(A) touring 

(B) twittering

(C) spinning round 

(D) towering

3. ” Dance till the shut of eve” -- Here ‘dance’ means

(A) sway 

(B) run

(C) fall

(D) limp

4. The chirping of the sparrow was heard from 

(A) the casement of the house 

(B) the cottage window

(C) the corner of the cottage

(D) the cottage roof 

5. Chirping of the sparrow reminds the poet of

(A) dull November

(B) spring and summer 

(C) autumn

(D) rainy days

6. The bird found on the cottage rig is

(A) the pigeon

(B) the sparrow 

(C) the raven

(D) the cock


7. The sparrow

(A) chirps 

(B) crows 

(C) grunts

(D) patters 

8. The spring was preparing to lie in

(A) winter's bed

(B) summer’s lap 

(C) summer’s bed

(D) autumn’s lap

9. In summer’s lap, flowers

(A) sleep 

(B) lie 

(C) dream

(D) make merry


10. The cottage smoke curls

(A) downwards 

(B) sidewards

(C) upwards 

(D) westwards


11. The cottage smoke goes upwards through

(A) bare trees 

(B) protected trees

(C) shaded trees

(D) fenced tree


12. The tree in autumn is

(A) full of green leaves

(B) silent

(C) naked and bare 

(D) asleep

13. The word ‘cote’  stands for

(A) home

(B) nest 

(C) sty

(D) hole


14. In autumn the poet mentions cries of two birds. They are of

(A) the pigeon and the sparrow

(B) the raven and the peacock

(C) the sparrow and the cock 

(D) the raven and the pigeon


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15. The cock

(A) chirps

(B) crows 

(C) grunts

(D) patter


16. Feather from the raven’s breast is

(A) floating

(B) glistering

(C) falling 

(D) pattering

17. Pigs

(A) chirps

(B) crow

(C) grunt 

(D) patte


18. The only animal mentioned in the poem ‘Autumn’ is 

(A) the pigeon

(B) the cock

(C) the raven

(D) the pig 

Do Practice these  Questions and Answer yourself. You will definitely score an excellent result.

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