The Eyes Have It | Ruskin Bond | Part 5 | Very Important Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQ) | Class 12

 Very Important Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQ) on The Eyes Have It by Ruskin Bond


The Eyes Have It

Ruskin Bond 

15 Very Important Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQ) on The Eyes Have It by Ruskin BondTick () the correct answer from the given alternatives : 

1. According to the narrator, which smell was so 'tantalising'? ---

(A) the perfume of the girl's hair 

(B) the perfume of the girl's body

(C) the smell of the rose

(D) the smell of the oil


2. The narrator wanted to touch the girl's ---

(A) hand

(B) face

(C) hair 

(D) eyes


3. The narrator was so curious about the hairstyle of the girl that --

(A) he touched her hair

(B) he wanted to raise his hand to touch her hair 

(C) he came close to her and took a long breath of her sweet perfume

(D) he smell her hair and wanted to touch it


4. The narrator in the story 'The Eyes Have It' could not touch the girl's hair because --

(A) he was afraid

(B) he was blind

(C) the girl moved away 

(D) the third passenger came

5. "There was some confusion in the doorway." The confusion was  ---

(A) a woman fell out with one of the passengers

(B) a woman, getting into the compartment, stammered an apology

(C) the girl while getting off bade the narrator goodbye

(D) a man, getting into the compartment, stammered an apology 

6. The new passenger boarded the train at Saharanpur -- ---

(A) apologised 

(B) screamed

(C) shouted

(D) criticised

7. The game that the narrator played with his fellow - travellers were to --

(A) pretend that he could see

(B) pretend that he couldn't hear

(C) make conversation about things around them

(D) make sure that they did not realise that he could not see 

8. The man who entered the compartment

(A) broke into the narrator's reverie 

(B) laughed loudly

(C) took pity on the narrator

(D) was very disappointed

9. The word 'reverie' means --

(A) memory

(B) a daydream 

(C)  imagination

(D)  folktales

10. The narrator wanted to know from the passenger about the girl's --

(A) face 

(B) movement 

(C) hairstyle 

(D) voice

11. The co-passenger who boarded the train at Saharanpur, noticed the girl's -- ---

(A) face

(B) hair

(C) dress 

(D) eyes 

12. The new passenger described the girl's eyes as--

(A) big and beautiful

(B) beautiful but blind 

(C) small and beautiful

(D) blind and beautiful

13. The new fellow traveller's remark took the narrator by surprise because - -

(A) he said that he did not notice the girl's hairstyle 

(B) he said that there was no girl at all

(C) he said he had seen a boy instead

(D) he said that the girl had no sense of humour

14. The story 'The Eyes Have It' deals with the theme of -- 

(A) dream and reality

(B) war and peace

(C) vision and blindness 

(D) humanity and brutality

15. Bond's story "The Eyes Have It" ends with a --

(A) verbal irony

(B) situational irony 

(C) dramatic irony

(D) cosmic irony


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Do Practice these  Questions and Answer yourself. You will definitely score an excellent result.

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