The Eyes Have It | Ruskin Bond | Part 4 | Very Important Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQ) | Class 12

 Very Important Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQ) on The Eyes Have It by Ruskin Bond


The Eyes Have It

Ruskin Bond 

15 Very Important Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQ) on The Eyes Have It by Ruskin BondTick () the correct answer from the given alternatives :

1. 'The Eyes Have It' the girl was tired of people telling her that she had --

(A) an interesting face

(B) a pretty face 

(C) a smiling face

(D) acute face


2. "Well, an interesting face can also be pretty." This is said by --

(A) the narrator 

(B) the girl

(C) the girl's parents

(D) a man who entered the compartment


3. The girl in the train compartment thought the narrator to be --

(A) gallant

(B) serious

(C) gallant and serious 

(D) pretentious

4. The narrator was very much conscious of his --

(A) ugly appearance

(B) rough voice

(C) problem of speech

(D) blindness 

5. The thought of laughter only made the narrator of the story entitled 'The Eyes Have it' --

(A) feel a crying

(B) feel tousled

(C) feel troubled

(D) feel troubled and lonely 


6. According to the narrator, the girl's voice had the sparkle of a/an

(A) mountain stream 

(B) musical instrument

(C) sea

(D) ocean 

7. The girl was feeling relieved as the journey was

(A) a short one 

(B) lengthy

(C) boring

(D) comfortable

8. The girl could not bear to sit in a train for more than

(A) one hour

(B) two hours

(C) two or three hour 

(D) six or seven hours

9. The narrator was prepared to listen to the girl's talking for 

(A) one hour

(B) two hours

(C) nothing

(D) almost  any length of time 


10. The narrator was curious about the 

(A) girl's eyes

(B) girl's aunt

(C) girl's face

(D) girl's hair 


11. The narrator praised the girl's --

(A) voice 

(B) hair

(C) movement

(D) dress


12. "--- it would stay with me for the rest of the journey." Here 'it' refers to the

(A) sweet smile of the girl

(B) sweet words of the girl 

(C) terrible shock

(D) interesting incident

13. The engine's whistle ----

(A) shouted

(B) shrieked 

(C) blew softly

(D) blew loudly


14. When the carriage wheels changed their sound and rhythm, the girl --

(A) bid goodbye

(B) turned from the window

(C) stood very close to the narrator

(D) collected her things 


15. According to the narrator, which smell was so 'tantalising'? ---

(A) girl's aunt 

(B) girl's mother

(C) narrator's mother

(D) vendor 


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Do Practice these  Questions and Answer yourself. You will definitely score an excellent result.

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