Comprehension Exercises | Goodbye to the Moon | Monica Hughes | Class 6 | Textual Question and Answer | Grammar | প্রশ্ন ও উত্তর

 Goodbye to the Moon | Monica Hughes | Textual Question and Answer | Grammar | প্রশ্ন ও উত্তর

Comprehension Exercises |  Goodbye to the Moon | Monica Hughes | Class 6 | Textual Question and Answer | Grammar |  প্রশ্ন ও উত্তর

Goodbye to the Moon

Monica Hughes 

Textual Exercise

Activity 1:

(1) Kepler’s home, the Moon, appeared very small from the view room. [6]

(2) Kepler Masterman was born on the Moon. [1]

(3) He was making his first-ever journey to the earth with his father. [4]

(4) He had heard about planet Earth from his mother. [2]

(5) The governor was surrounded by reporters at the centre of the space station. [5]

(6) Kepler’s father was the governor of the Moon. [3]

Activity 2

Kepler had seen the photographs of the Earth. He was making an expedition to the Earth for the first time. Kepler felt restless as he had to wait for the journey to begin. The Moon appeared very small when he looked out into space.

Activity 3

Why did the moon appear very small to Kepler from the space station?

Ans.> Kepler was in the view-room and it was far away from the moon.

Activity 4

(a) The Earth ferry was three times big as the Moon ferries. [T]

SS:> “It was three times as big as our Moon-ferries.”

(b) There is hardly any water on the earth. [F]

SS:> “A world that was seven-tenths water!”


(c) On Moon, oxygen is more easily available than water. [T]

SS:> “On Moon, water was harder to get than oxygen.”

(d) Kepler weighed six times more than his usual weight. [T]

SS:> “I realized I weighed six times my normal weight.”

Activity 5

Answer the following sentences in complete sentences:

(a)   Whose excited voices did Kepler hear?

Ans.> Kepler could hear the excited voices of the people who were travelled by the ferry from the earth to the moon.

(b) Why was water precious on Moon?

Ans.> Water was precious on Moon because the water was harder to get than oxygen there. 


(c) Why was Kepler feeling unwell?

Ans.> Kepler was feeling unwell because of the weight difference of the body

(d) What led his father to help Kepler as they landed?

Ans.> Father wanted to help Kepler when he was struggling with his own safety straps. 

Activity 6

Fill in the following chart with information from the text:





The Press and the TV were waiting for the Governor.

The Governor went right away after he was called.


Kepler swung his legs down to the floor and realized standing was tough and walking was very difficult.

Kepler practised walking down the aisle.


All the cultural ties of the Governor were with the Earth.

According to the Governor, it was good to be back on Earth, but the Moon was his home.


Kepler was not wearing a space-suit.

The sun was gently warm.

Activity 7

Answer the following questions in complete sentences:

(a) Who were waiting for the Governor of the Moon?

Ans.> The Press and the TV were waiting for the Governor of the Moon.

(b) How, according to Kepler’s father, could the differences between Earth and Moon people be resolved?

Ans.> According to Kepler’s father, the differences between Earth and Moon people could be resolved in a friendly manner.

(c) How is Kepler’s father attached to the Moon?

Ans.> Kepler’s father is the Governor of the Moon. His present and future lie on the Moon. His son was born on the Moon and his wife was buried on the Moon

(d) Why did Kepler feel that earth would certainly be fun?

Ans.> Kepler felt that Earth would certainly be fun because it was strange being outside without a space-suit.

Activity 8(a)

Read the following sentences:

(i) What a lovely sight!

(ii) Shut the door.

(iii) May God bless you.

(iv) Do not run in the sun.

(v) How stormy the night is!

(vi) May she live long.

Now fill in the following table correctly :

Sentences expressing advice/ suggestion/ order/ comment/ request

(ii) Shut the door. (iv) Do not run in the sun.

Sentences expressing a wish

(iii) May God bless you. (vi) May she live long.

Sentences expressing a sense of surprise/ strong/ feeling of happiness or sadness

(i) What a lovely sight! (v) May she live long.


Activity 8(b)

Write what kind of sentences the following are:

(i) How beautiful is the scene! Exclamatory Sentence

(ii) May God have mercy. Optative Sentence

(iii) Obey your teachers. Imperative Sentence

(iv) Have a safe journey. Optative Sentence

(v) Please give me a glass of water. Imperative Sentence

(vi) Alas! We have lost the match. Exclamatory Sentence

Activity 8(c)

Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions:

(i) He ran into the room.

(ii) The bird flew above her head.

(iii) I am walking to the station.

(iv) The cow is in the field.

Activity 9(a)

Fill in the blanks by correctly choosing words from the help box:

(i)  The teacher realized my problem.

(ii)  It was a magnificent sight.

(iii) Empty vessels make most noise.

(iv) The house looked familiar to me.

Help Box: familiar, empty, magnificent, realized

Activity 9(b)

Make meaningful sentences of your own with the following words:

Restless: The boy became restless because of a high fever.

Excited: We became excited after winning the match.

Precious: Time is precious to all of us.

Friendly: The man always behaves with us with a friendly smile.

Activity 10(a)

Suppose you have met a visitor from another planet. Write a paragraph in about sixty words on your experience. Use the following hints: [place and time of meeting the visitor ---- what he looked like ---- what he said ----- how he was different from you ------ your feelings] 

A Strange Meeting

Long long ago I had got the opportunity to meet a strange person. Actually, he was a visitor from another planet. On that particular day, I was returning home from school. It was afternoon. Suddenly I noticed a strange creature, unlike a human being. I became scared a lot. He tried to make me understand that he had come from an outer planet. Suddenly, he disappeared. I was very excited to meet such a strange creature. 

Activity 10(b)

Write a short story in about sixty words using the following hints:
[a sailor and his friends ---- landed on an island ---- started cooking ---- island shook ---- the island actually a huge creature in reality ----- sailor and his friends fled to the ship]


Long long ago, one night a sailor and his friends landed on an island from their ship. They decided to stay the night there. So, they started cooking there. Suddenly, the island shook. They were surprised to see this. They did not understand this.  Actually, it was not an island. The island was actually a huge creature in realityAs soon as they started cooking, the huge creature began to shake. They all were frightened a lot. Eventually, the sailor and all his friends fled to the ship.  

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