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Notice on 'Appeal for help for the Flood Victims'

 Notice on 'Appeal for help for the Flood Victims'

Notice on 'Appeal for help for the Flood Victims'

Suppose you are the captain of your school. Write a notice (in about 80 words) for the student of your school requesting them to donate money and other essential items for the Flood Victims.

Banagram High School


Sub: Appeal for help for the Flood Victims

10 March 2022

You are all aware that a devastating flood has broken out in our neighbouring country. The helpless people are suffering much for want of food, clothes, medicine, drinking water, etc. It is our duty to lend a helping hand to these helpless people. For this, we are going to raise a fund from our school for these people. We will also collect relief materials like dry food, bottled water, clothes, and medicine for the flood victims. All the students are requested to donate in cash or in kind to their class monitors on or before the 15th of this month.




Nishar Ali


Banagram High School


  https://t.me/eparasona https://www.facebook.com/eparasona/

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