Fathers Help | R K Narayan | Very Important Multiple Choice Questions and Answers । MCQ | Class 10

 Tick () the correct alternative: Multiple Choice Questions:

Fathers Help  | R K Narayan | Very Important Multiple Choice Questions and Answers । MCQ | Class 10

 Tick () the correct alternative:


1. Swami's father wrote the letter to Swami's-


(a) friends  

(b) headmaster (✔)

(c) teacher 

(d) mother


2. The letter made Swami feel-

(a) happy 

(b) sad 

(c) excited

(d) worried (✔)


3. Swami stopped his way to school to decide whether Samuel was a/an -

(a) bad person (✔)

(b) good and friendly person 

(c) honest person

(d) dishonest person


4. Swami felt dizzy because he was-

(a) excited 

(b) indifferent 

(c) afraid

(d) puzzled (✔)


5. The more Swami thought of Samuel the more-

(a) aggrieved he felt (✔)

(b) cheerful he felt 

(c) disappointed he felt

(d) angry he felt 


6. When he realized that it was Monday morning Swaminathan felt- 

(a) afraid 

(b) angry 

(c) sad (✔)

(d) overjoyed


7. Swaminathan felt that Monday morning came very-

(a) slowly

(b) gradually 

(c) soon (✔)

(d) late


8. Swaminathan was lying with pain in the-

(a) belly 

(b) tooth 

(c) head (✔)

(d) leg


9. Swaminathan realised that it was the morning of - 

(a) Friday 

(b) Tuesday 

(c) Monday (✔)

(d) Sunday


10. Swami was allowed to avoid school by-

(a) Samuel 

(b) his father 

(c) the headmaster

(d) his mother (✔)


11. Swaminathan told about his headache- 

(a) at noon 

(b) at school 

(c) in the morning (✔)

(d) in the afternoon


12. Swaminathan realised about Monday when he was lying-

(a) on bench

(b) in bed (✔)

(c) on mother's bed

(d) in the prayer hall


13. Swami was expected to remain at school prayer hall at-

(a) 9 o'clock 

(b) half past nine (✔)

(c) before 9.30

(d) before 9 o'clock


14. Swami's father found Swami-

(a) getting ready for school 

(b) sleeping 

(c) sitting in his mother's room 

(d) lying on the bench (✔)


15. Swami changed his tactics with-

(a) his father (✔)

(b) Samuel 

(c) his teacher 

(d) his father


16. Swami's father wanted to know about the name of Swami's-

(a) headmaster 

(b) class-teacher (✔)

(c) class-mate

(d) dearest friend


17. Swami's father suggested to complain against-

(a) headmaster 

(b) peon 

(c) Samuel (✔)

(d) all teachers


18. Samuel is specially angry with-

(a) naughty boys 

(b) negligent students 

(c) everyone

(d) late comers (✔)


19. According to Swami the headmaster- 

(a) is angry with Samuel

(b) fears Samuel (✔)

(c) is pleased with Samuel

(d) praises Samuel


20. Swaminathan wanted to avoid the school for- 

(a) the week 

(b) two days 

(c) the month

(d) the day (✔)


21. The letter written by Swami's father was- 

(a) brief 

(b) to the point

(c) long (✔)

(d) short


22. Swaminathan's father sent the letter to-

(a) the headmaster (✔)

(b) Samuel 

(c) school inspector

(d) Swaminathan


23. On the way to school Swami felt that he was

(a) good boy 

(b) bad boy (✔)

(c) honest boy

(d) great boy


24. Swami's father told that he had written plenty of things about-

(a) Swaminathan 

(b) Samuel (✔)

(c) Headmaster

(d) himself


25. Samuel was more friendly than other-

(a) people 

(b) friends 

(c) men

(d) teachers (✔)


26. Samuel's face was-

(a) shining 

(b) dark (✔)

(c) bright

(d) ugly


27. Samuel used to wear yellow-

(a) shirt 

(b) jacket 

(c) coat (✔)

(d) trouser


28. The idea of delivering the letter at the end of the school to Swaminathan at the school-

(a) gate (✔)

(b) compound 

(c) room

(d) prayer hall  


29. Swami was late in the school for-

(a) one hour 

(b) half an hour (✔)

(c) a quarter of an hour

(d) prayer hall


30. Samuel was teaching-

(a) Mathematics (✔)

(b) History 

(c) English 

(d) Geography


31. Samuel was impressed by- 

(a) Swami 

(b) Swami's mother 

(c) Swami's father (✔)

(d) the headmaster


32 Samuel was examining 

(a) exam papers 

(b) home works (✔)

(c) class notes

(d) books home


33. Swami's school was over at- 

(a) 4 pm

(b) 4.30 am 

(c) 4.30 pm (✔)

(d) 4am


34. Swami was told about the headmaster's leave by the -

(a) clerk

(b) Samuel 

(c) the orderly

(d) peon (✔)


35. Father's Help' is a story taken from-

(a) 'Guide' 

(b) 'Swami and Friends' 

(c) Malgudi Days' 

(d) 'Malgudi Nights' (✔)



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