The Passing Away of Bapu | Nayantara Sehgal | Very Important Multiple Choice Questions and Answers । MCQ | Class 10 | WBBSE

  Tick () the correct alternative: Multiple Choice Questions:

The Passing Away of Bapu | Nayantara Sehgal | Very Important Multiple Choice Questions and Answers । MCQ | Class 10

Tick (✔) the correct alternative: 
The Passing Away of Bapu by Nayantara Sehgal

1. The last walk with Bapu was -

(a) pleasant

(b) painful (✔)

(c) strange

(d) delightful


2. According to the narrator, walking with Bapu was-

(a) a quite boring

(b) a usual affair  

(c) not a commonplace affair (✔)

(d) meaningless


3. While walking, Bapu used to carry a -

(a) staff (✔)

(b) flag 

(c) book  

(d) bag


4. The narrator comments that to walk is to make-

(a) a tiresome journey

(b) no progress

(c) rapid progress   

(d) slow progress (✔)


5. According to the narrator, walk required-

(a) a lot of money  

(b) vehicle  

(c) one's own body and energy (✔)

(d) a walking stick  


6. When the narrator got the news it was-

(a) morning  

(b) afternoon  

(c) evening (✔)

(d) noon


7. In the evening of Gandhiji's death the narrator was -

(a) preparing tea

(b) serving tea   

(c) drinking tea (✔)

(d) buying tea


8. The author was called to the Birla house by-

(a) a messenger  telephone call  

(b) a mobile phone

(c) a telephone call (✔)

(d) a telegram


9. When Gandhij breathed his last, the room became-

(a) silent (✔)

(b) noisy

(c) silent full of wails    

(d) empty


10. The news of Gandhi's death spread through Delhi-

(a) slowly       

(b) gradually

(c) like gentle wind

(d) very fast (✔)

11. The crowd collected around-

(a) Birla House (✔)

(b) Delhi    

(c) prayer meeting  

(d) narrator's house


12. The death news of Bapu was formally announced through-

(a) television

(b) radio (✔)

(c) newspaper   

(d) Internet


13. Gandhiji's funeral was scheduled on -

(a) 30th January 1948

(b) 31st January 1948 (✔)

(c) 24th January 1948  

(d) 1st February 1945


14. On the day of funeral people lined in-

(a) The Birla house

(b) the routes of procession (✔)

(c) the crematorium

(d) Delhi House


15. Padmasi, Mrs. Naidu's daughter, proposed that they would -  

(a) sing  

(b) walk (✔)

(c) cry   

(d) chant


16. Gandhi's body was laid on a -

(a) car  

(b) van  

(c) truck (✔)

(d) helicopter


17. The wailing people were trying to touch -

(a) each other

(b) Gandhiji's clothes    

(c) Gandhi's feet  (✔)

(d) the truck


18. The narrator was moving in the procession-

(a)   very fast

(b) rapidly   

(c) slowly (✔)

(d) in haste


19. Gandhiji walked  -

(a) with an umbrella in hand

(b) a stick in hand (✔)

(c) a walker

(d)   a flag in hand 


20. Bapa's figure was  -

(a) huge

(b) gigantic

(c) small (✔)

(d) beautiful


21. Gandhiji transformed walking into -

(a) hard practice

(b) necessary practice

 (c) joyful effort (✔)

(d) toilsome effort


22. A few days after his death Gandhiji's ashes were immersed in the -

(a) Ganges (✔)

(b) Yamuna  

(c) Sabarmati   

(d) Kaben


23. Ashes were taken to Allahabad -

(a) by train (✔)

(b) by car 

(c) on foot    

(d) in a truck


24. People accompanying the ashes of Bapu in the train compartment were -

(a) singing Rabindra Sangeet

(b) weeping bitterly  

(c) singing Bhajans (✔)

(d) jostling with each other


25.  During the immersion people crowded on the -

(a) streets  

(b) railway platform  

(c) river bank (✔)

(d) road


26. In song and prayer people felt the presence of -

(a) God  

(b) holiness  

(c) Gandhiji (✔)

(d) Delhi


27. After the immersion of ashes the narrator came back to-

(a) Allahabad

(b) Delhi (✔)

(c) Birla House  

(d) Prayer hall


28. The narrator came back to Delhi-

(a) all alone

(b) with others (✔) 

(c) after a long time  

(d) separately   


29. After her return from Allahabad the narrator felt very - 

(a) confident   

(b) delighted

(c) sad  

(d) confused (✔)


30. With the disappearance of magic circle. the narrator felt-

(a) frustrated

(b) unbelieving 

(c) unprotected (✔)

(d) happy


31. The narrator-

(a) was a single child  

(b) had brothers  

(c) had sisters (✔)

(d) had none


32. Gandhiji brought many people of India out of - 

(a) insolence  

(b) inefficiency    

(c) indolence

(d) indifference (✔)


33. When the narrator wrote this memoir she was-

(a) young (✔)

(b) a child    

(c) an aged woman

(d) old

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