Our Runaway Kite | Maud Montgomery | Very Important Multiple Choice Questions and Answers । MCQ | Class 10

   Tick () the correct alternative: Multiple Choice Questions:

Our Runaway Kite | Maud Montgomery | Very Important Multiple Choice Questions and Answers । MCQ | Class 10

Tick (✔) the correct alternative: 
Our Runaway Kite by Maud Montgomery


1. The Big Hall Moon looked lovely during -      

(a) spring  

(b) summer  ()

(c) autumn  

(d) winter


2. The narrator and his playmates pretended to be -  

(a) robbers   

(b) adventurers

(c) mountainers   

(d) shipwrecked mariners ()


(3) The part of the narrator's body that went through the kite was her -  

(a) elbow ()

(b) ankle  

(c) knee  

(d) fingers


4.  The narrator of the text is -   

(a)  Dick

(b) Mimi  

(c) Phillipa ()   

(d) Claude 


5.  The kite was mended with a -   

(a) red paper  

(b) letter  () 

(c) leaflet 

(d) newspaper  


6. The Big Half Moon is the name of -

(a) lighthouse 

(b) a harbour   

(c)  a cave

(d) an island ()


7. The names of Claude's cousins are  - 

(a) Rimi and Dick  

(b) Mimi and Dick ()     

(c) Mimi and Paul   

(d) Philippa and Mimi 


8. Claude and Philippa found their relation on account of  -

(a) a story

(b) a mobile message     

(c) a kite  ()   

(d) a telegram


9. Claude's father is    -

(a) the owner of the Big Half Moon       

(b) the keeper of the Big Half Moon

(c) the owner of the lighthouse ()   

(d) the keeper of the lighthouse 


10. Claude is older than Philippa by-    -

(a) one year ()     

(b) two years

(c) three years 

(d) four years


11. The harbour becomes frozen in - -

(a) summer 

(b) winter ()    

(c) spring    

(d) autumn 


12. In winter, the members of the family go to    --

(a) a wood

(b)  a cave    

(c) the lighthouse 

(d) the mainland ()


13. The members of the family sail back to their own dear island in  -

(a) winter


(b) summer    

(c) spring ()

(d) autumn


14. The children used to consider it funny when   -

(a) they found no companion

(b) they went to the mainland

(c) they returned to the island  

(d) mainland people pitied them ()


15.  The keeper of the Big Half Moon is Claude's -  

(a) aunt  

(b) brother   

(c) grandfather     

(d) father ()


16. The mainland people pitied the children for not having -

(a) any food  

(b) any playmate  ()   

(c) any school 

(d) any cinema hall


17. Claude and Philippa used to quarrel a good deal with   -

(a) each other  

(b) their father  

(c) Mimi and Dick   

(d) the mainland children ()


18. Philippa never quarrelled with  -

(a) her aunt 6   

(b) the mainland children     

(c) her father 

(d) (d) her brother ()


19. The children often thought why they had no  -

(a) friends

(b) kites    

(c) relatives ()

(d) teachers


20. The children considered having some relation would be  -

(a) pathetic   

(b) jolly () 

(c) tiresome   

(d) monotonous


21. On being asked about the relatives, Claude's father   -

(a) remained silent  

(b) cried in anger   

(c) cried in sorrow    

(d) looked sorrowful ()


22. The weather in the Big Half Moon is always lovely in  -

(a) winter  

(b) summer  ()      

(c) autumn

(d) spring


23. On a fine day, the harbour remains  -

(a) blue and stormy   

(b) green and calm      

(c) blue and calm  ()

(d) blue and cloudy 


24. Evers summer the children have used to some new  -

(a) food

(b) sports  

(c) adventure

(d) hobby ()


25. The previous summer Claude and Philippa were crazy about    -

(a) playing pirate caves  

(b) quarrelling with each other   

(c) writing letters

(d) making kites ()

26. Claude learned how to make a kite from   -

(a) Aunt Esther   

(b) his father   

(c) a mainland boy ()

(d) dick


27. By the kites they made, Claude and Philippa used to play  -

(a) pirate caves   

(b) shipwrecked mariners  ()

(c) snapping of each other's kite  

(d) hide and seek


28. The big kite was covered with some -

(a) handmade paper 

(b) green paper  

(c) white paper   

(d) red paper   ()


29. All over the big kite, Claude and Philippa pasted some  - 

(a) letters    

(b) pictures  

(c) gold tinsel stars  ()

(d) of their drawings


30. Claude and Philippa wrote their names full on the  -

(a) letter  

(b) kite ()

(c) lighthouse 

(d) seashore


31. One day there came for kite-flying a grand-

(a) wind

(b) ripple     ()

(c) storm 

(d) tide


32. The big hole on the kite was made by   - 

(a) Mimi   

(b) Dick     

(c) Claude

(d) Philippa


33. The big hole was made on the kite by Philippa's -

(a) finger

(b) knee       

(c) elbow  ()

(d) legs  


34. To find some paper, the children rushed to   -

(a) their study room  

(b) their father 

(c) the harbour  

(d) the lighthouse ()


35. They knew that in the highthouse there were -

(a) more red paper  

(b) no more red paper   ()

(c) lots of letters 

(d) some newspaper


36. To repair the big hole of the kite, they took   -

(a) red paper  

(b) gold tinsel stars  

(c) a newspaper   

(d) a letter ()


37. They took the very letter as it  -

(a) was kept carefully  

(b)  came handy to them  ()

(c) was an old letter  

(d) had no importance


38. The letter was lying on the -

(a) centre table 

(b) sofa

(c) bookcase ()

(d) bed


39. They found the letter in their   -

(a) study room

(b) sitting room   

(c) kitchen   

(d) bedroom   


40. They dried the kite by the - 

(a) sea    

(b) harbour  

(c) fire  ()

(d) water


41. The kite soared like    -

(a) an aeroplane 

(b) a missile

(c) a rocket  

(d) a bird


42. After the kite was snapped, it sailed away to -

(a) the harbour   

(b) the lighthouse   

(c) the mainland ()

(d) the cave


43. After a month there came a letter in the name of  -

(a) father ()

(b) Claude  

(c) Philippa 

(d) Mimi


43. The letter that came after a month was from    -

(a) Claude's sister  

(b) Claude's grandfather  

(c) Claude's aunt ()

(d) Claude's father


45. Claude's father had left home quarrelling with his     - 

(a) father  

(b) brother  ()

(c) wife

(d) sister


46. On his return home, Claude's father found that his brother had   -

(a) fled   

(b) died  ()

(c) sold the property  

(d)  settled in the house


47.When Claude's father had went back home, he could not find his --

(a) father    

(b) brother   

(c) wife  

(d) sister  ()


48. Before reuniting with her family. Aunt Esther lived in- -

(a) a cave 

(b) the Big Half Moon  

(c) the mainland ()

(d) a wood


49. The kite was discovered--

(a)  on the rooftop     

(b) in electric wire  

(c) on the treetop ()

(d) in the lighthouse



50. The kite was discovered by - -

(a) Mimi and Dick     ()

(b) Claude and Philippa

(c) Aunt Esther

(d) Claude's father


51.Aunt Esther turned pale to see --

(a)  the kite     

(b) Claude  

(c) Philippa 

(d) the letter ()


52. The letter had been written by- - 

(a) Claude   

(b) Mimi     

(c) Aunt Esther ()

(d) Claude's father


53. The letter pasted on the kite had been written to-  

(a) Philippa   

(b) Aunt Esther

(c) Claude    

(d) Claude's father ()


54. Phillipa and Claude were also the names of narrator's--

(a) parents  

(b) friends   

(c) grandparents   ()

(d) classmates

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